What's New (from 1996)


o  Information on the Deep Sea Research Special Issues
on the Planning Office page (from Home page, click on US JGOFS,
then follow US JGOFS Planning and Implementation Office link)
as of December 13, 1996

o  The Minutes of the Steering Committee meeting
held in September, 1996 in Honolulu, Hawaii
on the (What is) US JGOFS page
as of December 13, 1996

o  Various updates and new links have been added since the September Steering Committee meeting:
The Steering Committee list has been updated to reflect current membership
The HOT-75 symposium abstracts page linked from our Time Series page
From our Global Survey page, we link to The DOE Handbook of Methods, courtesy of Andrew Dickson
NASDA's ADEOS instrument, OCTS, has successful first images, from our Satellite Images page
On our EqPac page, Jim Murray lists the tables of content for the 3 DSR volumes.

o  News from the Site survey cruise - AESOPS
on the Southern Ocean page
as of September 9, 1996

o  A color image of the recently agreed upon Arabian Sea stations
on the Arabian Sea page
as of August 29, 1996

o  The JGOFS Core Project Office in Bergen, Norway
has begun serving the International JGOFS information. Bravo, Beatriz!
linked from the word JGOFS on our Home page
as of August 9, 1996 (Note: Web site relocated to http://ijgofs.whoi.edu/ after JGOFS IPO closed in December 2003).

o  Access to the Arabian Sea data has been extended
to all U.S. JGOFS PI's who have submitted data to the Data Management Office.
as of June 28, 1996

o  A summer Synthesis and Modeling Project workshop notice
on the Modeling and Data Assimilation page
as of June 11, 1996

o  A Special Volume of Deep-Sea Research on the two Time-Series stations is now available.
on the Time Series page.
as of June 10, 1996

o  WOCE cruise P15S section plots
courtesy of Dick Feely, PMEL
on the Southern Ocean Process Study page
as of May 22, 1996

o  NASA Overflight Data from Frank Hoge's group at WFF/NASA
on the Arabian Sea page
as of May 8, 1996

o  Sediment Trap Technology and Sampling in Surface Waters
by Wilford Gardner, Texas A&M University
on the (What is) US JGOFS page, linked to U.S. JGOFS on Home page
as of May 1, 1996

o  Atmospheric Chemistry Studies in the Oceanic Environment
or the ACSOE project
on the Global Change Research page,
linked to global climate change on the Home page
as of April 22

o  Mark Abbott's Southern Ocean Imagery Project Web site
on the Southern Ocean Process Study page
as of April 8, 1996

o  The German JGOFS Data Management Home Page
on the International JGOFS page
which is linked to 'JGOFS' on our Home page
as of April 4, 1996

o  A Web version of the Arabian Sea poster session from AGU/OS '96
Check this link often to see the latest additions!
on the Arabian Sea page
as of March 26, 1996

o  ASA, the logistics coordinators for the Southern Ocean process study
and their ship, the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer
on the Southern Ocean Process Study page
as of March 13, 1996

o  Successful Launch of REX 2 on the Pegasus XL (SeaWiFS related)
on the Satellite Observations of Ocean Color page
as of March 11, 1996

o  Canada JGOFS Data at MEDS makes a strong Web appearance
on the International JGOFS page
as of March 6, 1996

o  The Current Members of the Steering Committee list has been updated
on the (What is) U.S. JGOFS Page
as of February 9 (Members on list as of October meeting)

o  The Data Management page has been re-written and substantially enhanced.
Information from Installing the JGOFS system on your own workstation
to sample formats for structuring data and guidelines for naming parameters
has been added to accelerate the submission of Arabian Sea data
as of February 2, 1996


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