International JGOFS Information

[IGBP logo]JGOFS is a core program of the International Geosphere Biosphere Program or IGBP. As we discover Web sites for other core programs of IGBP we will link to them.

GOOD NEWS! The JGOFS Core Project Office (Bergen, Norway) Web site is under construction and will be available to replace this information in the near future.


Overview of JGOFS, a Personal View
by the Chair of JGOFS, John Field

Current Research funded in JGOFS Countries other than the U.S.

Other JGOFS countries that have notified us of their Web sites

o  The main Web site for Canada JGOFS information
is located at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

o  MEDS, the Marine Environmental Data Service of the
Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Ottawa, Canada is serving
Canada JGOFS Data and Information from their Web site.

o  At McGill University in Montreal, Quebec
the Canada JGOFS Gulf of St. Lawrence team has made their data available.

o  At Bidston Observatory in the United Kingdom
BODC, the British Oceanographic Data Centre, provides information on how to order their data products and the other programs with which they are involved.

o  At the Institut für Meerskunde in Kiel
the German JGOFS Data Management Home Page has information on the German effort in the North Atlantic and the Arabian Sea.

o  At the National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan
KEEP-II, the Kuroshio-East China Sea Shelf Exchange Processes Program is a major Taiwan contribution to the International JGOFS effort.

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