Time Series Measurements

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Time-series observations of long duration were begun in 1988 at two key oceanic sites.

o  The Bermuda Atlantic Time Series or BATS study
is being conducted at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc..
Also underway at this site are the
BATS Satellite Oceanography Project,
Bermuda Bio-Optics Project
Bermuda Testbed Mooring program

o  The Hawai'i Ocean Time-series or HOT Study
is hosted by the School of Ocean & Earth Science & Technology of the University of Hawai'i at Manoa.
The HOT program celebrated its 75th Cruise in mid-September, 1996 with a HOT-75 symposium which was well-attended and very informative.
SOEST is also the home of the Satellite Oceanography Laboratory established by Pierre Flament.
Also, available there is a Hawai'i Ocean Time-series Data Organization & Graphical System, HOT-DOGS.

o  Ancillary HOTS data from Steve Emerson, U of W, of gas ratios.

o  The Time-Series Oversight Committee's Report
from August 1996
o  Also see A response to TSOC report
by Tony Knap, Tony Michaels and Dave Karl
o  A Special volume of Deep-Sea Research on the two Time-Series stations is available!
If you would like to own a copy, use this form to notify Mary Z. in the Planning Office.
A call for papers for a DSR-II volume


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