Southern Ocean Process Study

Program Coordinators

Robert Anderson, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Walker Smith, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Implementation Plan

The U.S. JGOFS Antarctic Environment and Southern Ocean Process Study (AESOPS) began field work on August 29, 1996 and ended during April of 1998. The cruises were staged from Lyttleton, New Zealand. The logistics for the Southern Ocean was coordinated by Antarctic Support Associates (ASA), who operate one of the two ships utilized during the nearly two-year long field work, the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer and maintain its cruise schedule.

During the second year of field work, the R.V. Roger Revelle hosted the US JGOFS scientists. The Revelle's cruise schedule is maintained at The Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

The [To Data] collected from this U.S. JGOFS process study is available to the public. A list of available data also provides links to the data itself.

Anyone wishing to use U.S. JGOFS data in a presentation, report, thesis or publication should contact the originating PI. It is expected that all customary courtesies and privileges attached to data use will be strictly honored.

Locations of the AESOPS moorings indicating the regional zonation
containing all correspondence received during the cruises
as well as images showing cruise tracks, cruise participants, etc.

linking to lists of people funded for AESOPS, papers written, proposal abstracts, etc.
as well as the parameter matrix, indicating what measurements were made by whom.

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o  Dick Feely at PMEL has created
sections for various parameters from the WOCE cruise P15S,
which occurred January to March, 1996 in the Southern Ocean.

o  Mark Abbott at Oregon State Univerity has set up
The Southern Ocean Imagery Project, serving CZCS images, as well as other GIF images of interest to Southern Ocean investigators.

o  Mark Abbott also has written a
Report from the January 1995 Workshop on Modeling the Southern Ocean Ecosystem.

o  The U.S. GLOBEC Southern Ocean Web Site is online at Old Dominion University.

o  The International Southern Ocean JGOFS Symposium Titles and Authors
held in Brest, France (August 1995)


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