U.S. JGOFS Synthesis & Modeling Project



Jorge Sarmiento and Taro Takahashi were among the newly elected Fellows selected by the AGU Fellows Committee on Saturday, 25 January. CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH!

2. Survey of SMP accomplishments

Following John Dunne's very interesting survey of SMP PIs about "How the SMP has done", we have posted a web-based follow-up survey online. Please provide us your feedback. Your responses - which should take about 10 minutes - will help guide future ocean carbon cycle programs.

3. EqPac Report

A report is now available for the Equatorial Pacific Synthesis and Modelling Workshop chaired by Fei Chair and Robert Le Borgne. The meeting was held Sep 17-19, 2003, at Darling Marine Center at the University of Maine. The report summarizes the results of the meeting, and also provides links to powerpoint presentations at the meeting.

4. "A Sea of Change"

The Final US JGOFS Open Science Conference, is rapidly approaching (May 5-8, 2003). Don't forget to sign up!


We have been receiving valuable input from investigators on meeting format and themes. This and other information are made available at: http://usjgofs.whoi.edu/mzweb/whoi_agenda_2003.html

We will continue to accept comments until April 1, then will digest the comments and put together the final agenda.

6. Update on the SMP Special Issue:

March 15 is the deadline for authors to send in revised manuscripts. We expect the final manuscript count to be 12-16. We are now preparing to get the final papers to the DSR II editor.

7. SMP Management Change

J Kleypas has accepted another position at NCAR, and will effectively be leaving her position with the SMP on April 4; although she will remain involved with the SMP meeting this summer, and with various other wrap-up activities. Her duties will be taken up by Ivan Lima and Jeff Dusenberry, two very capable members of Scott Doney's team at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

8. REMINDER - send in your SMP DATA!

If you have not yet submitted your SMP data to the US JGOFS Program, you should contact me to discuss the best way to do this (kleypas@ucar.edu).
Check the inventory of SMP data for the status of data submission for each project.


for updates see: US JGOFS email announcements

Tenure Track Positions in Marine Science - Woods Hole Oceanogr. Inst., Dept Mar. Chem. Geochem.

Education Director-Bermuda - Bermuda Biological Research Stn

Research Associate (Postdoctoral) in Optical Oceanography - Oregon State Univ.

Faculty Position in Environmental Microbiology - Univ. South Florida

Geological Oceanographer - Univ. Southern Mississippi, Dept Marine Sci

Comer Postdoctoral Fellowships in Climate Modeling - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)

Faculty Research Assistant - Oregon State Univ.

Research and Technical Staff Positions - Princeton Univ.

Tenure track position - Univ. Victoria

Postdoctoral Research Opportunity - Univ. Washington

Marine or Aquatic Inorganic Geochemist - Coll. William & Mary


Word on the street is that the book: "Ocean Biogeochemistry: A JGOFS Synthesis" edited by M.J.R. Fasham, J. Field, T. Platt, and B. Zeitzschel, will be released by Springer on May 16, 2003. A peek at the cover is posted on the Amazon.com website


Inter-ocean exchange around southern Africa, Ed. P.L. Richardson, DSR II 50 (1) (January 2003)

Biogeochemical Cycles in the East China Sea, Eds. S. Tsunogai, K. Iseki, Y. Saito, M. Kusakabe, DSR II 50 (2) (January 2003)

US Southern Ocean JGOFS Program (AESOPS): Part III Eds. W.O. Smith Jr. and R.F. Anderson. DSR II 50 (3-4) (March 2003)
List of Articles in this special issue:

Walker O. Smith, Jr. and Robert F. Anderson. 2003. US Southern Ocean JGOFS Program (AESOPS): Part III, DSR II 50 (3-4): 529-531

Michael R. Hiscock, John Marra, Walker O. Smith, Jr. , Ralf Goericke, Chris Measures, Sue Vink, Robert J. Olson, Heidi M. Sosik and Richard T. Barber 2003. Primary productivity and its regulation in the Pacific Sector of the Southern Ocean, DSR II 50 (3-4): 533-558

Robert D. Vaillancourt, John Marra, Richard T. Barber and Walker O. Smith, Jr. 2003. Primary productivity and in situ quantum yields in the Ross Sea and Pacific Sector of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, DSR II 50 (3-4): 559-578

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Wilford D. Gardner, Mary Jo Richardson, Craig A. Carlson, Dennis Hansell and Alexey V. Mishonov. 2003. Determining true particulate organic carbon: bottles, pumps and methodologies, DSR II 50 (3-4): 655-674

Michael J. Dagg, Juanita Urban-Rich and Jay O. Peterson. 2003. The potential contribution of fecal pellets from large copepods to the flux of biogenic silica and particulate organic carbon in the Antarctic Polar Front region near 1700W, DSR II 50 (3-4): 675-691

M. Q. Fleisher and R. F. Anderson. 2003. Assessing the collection efficiency of Ross Sea sediment traps using 230Th and 231Pa, DSR II 50 (3-4): 693-712

Anitra E. Ingalls, Cindy Lee, Stuart G. Wakeham and John I. Hedges. 2003. The role of biominerals in the sinking flux and preservation of amino acids in the Southern Ocean along 1700W, DSR II 50 (3-4): 713-738

Zanna Chase, Robert F. Anderson, Martin Q. Fleisher and Peter W. Kubik. 2003. Scavenging of 230Th, 231Pa and 10Be in the Southern Ocean (SW Pacific sector): the importance of particle flux, particle composition and advection, DSR II 50 (3-4): 739-768

Katja Fennel, Mark R. Abbott, Yvette H. Spitz, James G. Richman and David M. Nelson. 2003. Modeling controls of phytoplankton production in the southwest Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean, DSR II 50 (3-4): 769-798

Zanna Chase, Robert F. Anderson, Martin Q. Fleisher and Peter W. Kubik. 2003. Accumulation of biogenic and lithogenic material in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean during the past 40,000 years, DSR II 50 (3-4): 799-832

Katja Fennel, Mark R. Abbott, Yvette H. Spitz, James G. Richman and David M. Nelson. 2003. Impacts of iron control on phytoplankton production in the modern and glacial Southern Ocean, DSR II 50 (3-4): 833-851

JOURNAL ARTICLES (about the last 3 months)

Astor Y; Muller-Karger F; Scranton MI. 2003. Seasonal and interannual variation in the hydrography of the Cariaco Basin: implications for basin ventilation. Cont. Shelf Res. 23(1): 125-144.

Chai F; Jiang M; Barber RT; Dugdale RC; Chao Y. (in press 2003). Interdecadal variation in the transition zone chlorophyull front, a physical-biological model simulation between 1960 and 1990. Journal of Oceanography.

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TO POST YOUR SMP-RELEVANT ARTICLE: Submit citations and abstracts via the new SMP Preprint Form. It's easy.

REMINDER: All investigators should send U.S. JGOFS-supported paper titles to Mary Zawoysky (508-289-2834) to obtain a U.S. JGOFS number. (even if the paper is already published)


1. EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly (April 6-11, 2003, Nice, France)

A Few SMP-relevant Sessions (there are MANY, only a few are listed here):
OS2  Open Session on the Global Ocean Circulation Talley, Schott, Hughes, Visbeck
OS10 Open Session on the Biogeochemistry of the Oceanic Carbon Cycle Follows, Koeve
OS11  Eddy and frontal scale processes in ocean biogeochemistry: observations and models Memery, McGillicuddy, Williams
OS12  Iron resources and oceanic nutrients: advancement of global environment simulations de Baar, Lancelot, Maier-Reimer
OS15  Modern and paleo-applications of trace elements and isotope geochemistry in the oceans Jeandel, Henderson, Anderson, Francois, Frank
BG1.04  Biogeochemistry of dissolved organic matter in marine and freshwater environments Rochell-Newall, McKnight, Carlson
BG3.03 Response of marine organisms and ecosystems to global environmental change Riebesell, Karl, Gattuso

2. A SEA OF CHANGE - JGOFS Accomplishments and the Future of Ocean Biogeochemistry (May 5-8, 2003, Washington DC)

This is the FINAL JGOFS Open Science Conference

Please see the Program for a complete list of papers and poster sessions.

5. The Oceanography Society - Oceanology International Americas Ocean Conference (June 4 - 6, 2003, New Orleans, Louisiana)

There is no registration fee to attend the meeting or exhibition.

The deadline for abstract admission has passed.

6. SMP SUMMER MEETING 2003 (July 21-25, 2003, WHOI)
see Call for Input under 'NEWS' for more information
7. COMMUNITY OUTREACH WORKSHOP (postponed until Fall, 2003)
We are planning to have a small workshop to tackle the community outreach objectives of the US JGOFS Synthesis & Modeling Project. We will discuss various issues such as:
a. the target audience
b. various ways to educate the target audience (web pages, classroom exercises, publication, projects, etc.)
c. available resources and funding opportunities
If you are interested in being involved in this workshop (some of you have expressed interest already), please contact us (J Kleypas or "mailto: sdoney@whoi.edu">Scott Doney).


Send your comments and recommendations to: (kleypas@ucar.edu).

A list of items you can provide input on:

  1. Your SMP-related publication titles & abstracts (for last 3 months), and links to the articles if possible.
  2. Data from your SMP Project
  3. Your ideas on how to maximize the synthesis efforts at the 2003 SMP Summer meeting.
  4. If you'd like to be involved in the Community Outreach Workshop
No. 2 - Winter 2002/2003
No. 1 - Fall 2002