U.S. JGOFS Synthesis & Modeling Project



Five new SMP projects were awarded this year. These are the last projects to be funded under US JGOFS. The projects are:
Will Berelson; William Balch; Dick Feely; Ray Najjar; Chris Sabine "Production and Dissolution of Calcium Carbonate in the Global Ocean: A synthesis and modeling project."

Fei Chai; Richard Dugdale; Richard Barber; Tsung-Hung Peng; Francis Wilkerson "Biogeochemical modeling of carbon partitioning in the Pacific: the role of Si and Fe in regulating production by siliceous and calcifying phytoplankton"

Scott Doney; J Keith Moore "The Role of Ecosystem Dynamics on the Global Ocean Carbon Cycle: A JGOFS Model-Data Synthesis."

Wilf Gardner; Alexey Mishonov "Transmissometer data validation and correction for the Hawaii Oceanographic Time Series and Bermuda Atlantic Time Series data sets."

Nicolas Gruber; Chris Sabine; Rolf Sonnerup; John Bullister; Robert Key "Global Assessment and Synthesis of Data Based Estimates of Anthropogenic CO2 in the Ocean"


The SMP Summer Meeting in Woods Hole this past July has received a thumbs up from those who have provided feeback so far. The work that made this meeting successful really fell into the laps of the daily session leaders: Bob Anderson & Paul Treguer; Raleigh Hood & Ed Laws; Niki Gruber; and Davey Siegel, Hugh Ducklow & Bob Key. These folks deserve many thanks for their hard work!

Many of the plenary talks can now be viewed via the SMP Summer Meeting Web Page

A draft of the meeting summary is also now online (submitted to the US JGOFS Newsletter).


Mick Follows and Temel Oguz recently organized and led a NATO Advanced Study Institute: "The Ocean Carbon Cycle and Climate" (5-16 August 2002, Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey}.  The scientific program and topics can be examined at: http://www.ims.metu.edu.tr/ASI/


Ken Johnson, J. Keith Moore and Walker Smith led a US JGOFS SMP workshop on "Iron Dynamics in the Carbon Cycle" on June 17-19, 2002 in Moss Landing, California. Details about the meeting, including a copy of the meeting report, is available at: http://usjgofs.whoi.edu/mzweb/iron/iron_workshop.html


George Jackson, Adrian Burd, Richard Lampitt, and Mick Follows led a US JGOFS SMP workshop on "Midwater Processes" on March 25-27, 2002 in San Antonio, Texas. Details about the meeting, including a copy of meeting notes, is available at: http://usjgofs.whoi.edu/mzweb/midwater.html


Scott Doney moved from the National Center of Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO, for a position at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, in the Department of Marine Chemisty and Geochemistry. His new email address is: sdoney@whoi.edu. Check out his new web page for more information.


Books, Feature and Review Articles
Hansell DA and CA Carlson (Eds.) 2002. Biogeochemistry of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter. Academic Press, San Diego, 774 pp.

Karl DM. 2002. Nutrient dynamics in the deep blue sea. Review article in TRENDS in Microbiology 10(9): 410-418.

Falkowski PG. 2002. The Ocean's Invisible Forest. Review article in Scientific American (August 2002): 54-61.

Sarmiento JL and N Gruber. 2002. Sinks for anthropogenic carbon. Feature Article in Physics Today 55(8): 30-36.

Special Issues

Smith SL (editor). 2002. The 1994-1996 Arabian Sea Expedition: Oceanic Response to Monsoon al Forcing, Part 5. DSR II SPECIAL ISSUE: Volume 49, Number 12

Treguer P, P Pondaven, RF Anderson, M Abbot, P Boyd (editors). 2002. The Southern Ocean I: Climatic Changes and the Cycle of Carbon in the Southern Ocean, Brest, France, 8 July 2000. DSR II SPECIAL ISSUE: Volume 49, Number 9-10

Treguer P, P Pondaven, DM Nelson, RF Anderson (editors). 2002. The Southern Ocean II: Climatic Changes and the Cycle of Carbon, Brest, France, 8 July 2000. DSR II SPECIAL ISSUE: Volume 49, Number 16

Bauer JE (editor). 2002. Carbon Cycling and Biogeochemistry in the Northwest Atlantic Shelf Slope: Results of the Ocean Margins Program. DSR II SPECIAL ISSUE: Volume 49, Number 20

A Selection of Recent Publications (about the last 3 months)

Campbell J, D Antoine, R Armstrong, K Arrigo, W. Balch, R Barber, M Behrenfeld, R Bidigare, J Bishop, M-E Carr, W Esaias, P Falkowski, N Hoepffner, R Iverson, D Kiefer, S Lohrenz, J Marra, A Morel, J Ryan, VVedernikov, K Waters, C Yentsch, J Yoder. 2002. Comparison of algorithms for estimating ocean primary production from surface chlorophyll, temperature, and irradiance. GBC 16(3): 10.1029/2001GB001444

Duffy PB, ME Wickett, K Caldeira. 2002. Effect of horizontal grid resolution on the near-equilibrium solution of a global ocean-sea ice model JGR 107(C7): 10.1029/2000JC000658

Glover DM, SC Doney, AJ Mariano, RH Eans, SJ McCue. 2002. Mesoscale variability in time series data: Satellite-based estimates for the U.S. JGOFS Bermuda Atlantic Time-Series Study (BATS) site JGR 107(C8): 10.1029/2000JC000589

Gregg WW and ME Conkright. 2002. Decadal changes in global ocean chlorophyll, GRL 29(15): 10.1029/2002GL015309.

Iglesias-Rodriguez MD, R Armstrong, R Feely, R hood, J Kleypas JD Milliman, C Sabine and J Sarmiento. 2002. Progress made in study of oceans's calcium carbonate budget. Eos 83(34): 365.374-375.

Keeling RF. 2002. On the freshwater forcing of the thermohaline circulation in the limit of low diapycnal mixing JGR 107(C7): 10.1029/2000JC000685

Lima ID, DB Olson, SC Doney. 2002. Biological response to frontal dynamics and mesoscale variability in oligotrophic environments: Biological production and community structure JGR 107(C8), 10.1029/2000JC000393

Lima ID, DB Olson, SC Doney. 2002. Intrinsic dynamics and stability properties of size-structured pelagic ecosystem models. J Plankton Res 24(6): 533-556.

Matsumoto K, JL Sarmiento, MA Brzezinski. 2002. Silicic acid leakage from the Southern Ocean: A possible explanation for glacial atmospheric pCO2. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 16(3): 10.1029/2001GB001442

Steinberg DK, SA Goldthwait, DA Hansell. 2002. Zooplankton vertical migration and the active transport of dissolved organic and inorganic nitrogen in the Sargasso Sea DSR I 49(8): 1445-1461

A complete list of US JGOFS Publications are available at: http://usjgofs.whoi.edu/publications/index.html and some papers have been submitted (including downloads) to the SMP Preprint/Reprint Server at: http://usjgofs.whoi.edu/mzweb/preprints.html

REMINDER: All investigators should send U.S. JGOFS-supported paper titles to Mary Zawoysky (508-289-2834) to obtain a U.S. JGOFS number.

Please send citations and abstracts to J Kleypas for posting on the SMP Preprint Server and/or the next SMP Newsletter. If your paper is available online on your own web site, please provide the link as well.


1. EQUATORIAL PACIFIC WORKSHOP (September 17-18, 2002, Orono, ME)
Fei Chai and Robert Le Borgne have organized the "Equatorial Pacific Synthesis and Modeling Workshop", co-sponsored by the International JGOFS and US JGOFS Project Offices.

2. "WOCE AND BEYOND" - FINAL WOCE CONFERENCE (November 18-22, 2002, San Antonio, TX)

Poster abstracts due Sep. 15, 2002
Electronic registration through Nov 8, 2002

3. AGU FALL MEETING (December 6-10, 2002, San Francisco, CA)

Abstracts due Sep. 16, 2002
Pregistration/Housing due Nov 5, 2002

A Few SMP-relevant Sessions:

OS03.   Southern Ocean Iron Enrichment Experiments, Coale, organizers: Johnson and Buesseler
OS04.   Integrating Marine Ecology and Ocean Carbon Cycle Dynamics: Data Synthesis, Numerical Modeling, and Data Assimilation Studies, Organizers: Doney and Moore
OS17.   Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction and Climate Variability, Organizers: Wang and Xie
OS20.   Impacts of Air/Sea Exchange on Biogeochemical Processes in the Ocean, Organizers: Landing, Measures and Cutter.
A05.   Carbon Cycle Science: The North American Carbon Program, Organizers: Hofmann and Tans
A20.  Coupling of Iron in the Atmosphere and Ocean, Organizers: Ginoux and Gregg
4. OCEANS: Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems Analysis Open Science Conference, (January 7-10, 2003, Paris, FRANCE)
Abstracts due Oct. 15, 2002
An International Open Science Conference, sponsored by IGBP and SCOR
5. ASLO MEETING (February 8-14, 2003, Salt Lake City UT)
Abstracts due Oct. 1, 2002

A Few SMP-relevant Sessions:
SS3.17 Spatial Patterns in Marine Fluxes: Global Perspectives from the JGOFS Program, Organizer: Adrian Burd
SS3.18 Biogeochemistry of the Tropical and Subtropical North Atlantic, Organizers: Craig A. Carlson and Dennis Hansell

6. "A SEA OF CHANGE" - JGOFS Accomplishments and the Future of Ocean Biogeochemistry" (May 5-8, 2003, Washington DC)
Abstract submission and early registration deadline: Jan 15, 2003

This is the FINAL JGOFS Open Science Conference

We are planning to have a small workshop to tackle the community outreach objectives of the US JGOFS Synthesis & Modeling Project. We will discuss various issues such as:
a. the target audience
b. various ways to educate the target audience (web pages, classroom exercises, publication, projects, etc.)
c. available resources and funding opportunities

We would like to have the workshop here at NCAR (Boulder CO) in the late winter/early spring (ski season). If you are interested in being involved in this workshop (some of you have expressed interest already), please contact us (J Kleypas or "mailto: sdoney@whoi.edu">Scott Doney).

8. SMP SUMMER MEETING 2003 (July 21-25, 2003, WHOI)
This meeting will be much smaller than previous meetings, with room for about 40 participants.

Tentative Format. The objectives of this meeting were discussed at the 2002 Summer Meeting, and the following potential topics were put forward:

Most of the discussion centered on the "synthesis paper approach", with the other elements folded in, and outlined the following approach:
a. Produce a set of community synthesis papers derived from SMP efforts. This of course in turn derives from the entirety of US JGOFS efforts. Leaders from each of the US JGOFS Process Studies and Time Series studies would be asked to attend and present an overview of each of these efforts, and to participate in the organization and writing of the final synthesis papers. This meeting also follows on the heels of the 3rd (final) International JGOFS Open Science Conference (May 5-8, 2003, Washington, DC), and could build further on the efforts of those participating in this meeting.
b. Publication Medium. These synthesis papers could consititute the 3rd SMP Volume in DSR II, a book, or some other publication style (feedback requested). The meeting format will be more workshop-style, and designed at facilitating multi-author papers that adequately reflect the SMP's community synthesis of major components of the ocean carbon cycle. We therefore anticipate this summer meeting will require significant pre-meeting organization.
c. Your Feedback. We would like to hear from SMP investigators on how you'd like to see the 2003 meeting framed: specific topics, themes, publication styles, approaches. Please send J Kleypas your suggestions.


Please don't grouse in silence - send your comments and recommendations to me (kleypas@ucar.edu).

A list of items you can provide input on:

  1. Your SMP-related publication titles & abstracts (say for last 6 months), and links to the articles if possible.
  2. Data* from your SMP Project
  3. If you'd like to be involved in the Community Outreach Workshop
  4. Your ideas on how to maximize the synthesis efforts at the 2003 SMP Summer meeting.

*REMINDER:  WE NEED YOUR DATA!  If you owe us data, you should contact me to discuss the best way to do this (kleypas@ucar.edu or 303-497-1316).