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(last update: 25 October 2005)

Non-project Specific Data
due submitted online  Najjar/Louanchi global nutrient fields
due submitted online  Kleypas/Doney JGOFS data compilations
due submitted online  U.S. JGOFS Data Management Office merged data products from US Process Study data
due submitted online  Jahnke seafloor oxygen flux
due submitted online  Kleypas Halpern et al. monthly mean atlases
NASA 1997
due submitted online  Caldeira OCMIP results
linked to IPSL DODS server
due submitted online  Doney OCMIP results
due submitted online  Marshall OCMIP results
due submitted online  Sarmiento OCMIP results
due submitted online  Najjar OCMIP summary publications
due submitted online  Arrigo & Robinson Ross Sea
due submitted online  Capone et al. Trichodesmium model output
due submitted online  Carr & Kearns coastal upwelling system
due submitted online  Falkowski functional groups
due submitted online  Hofmann tropical Pacific/Atlantic model output
due submitted online  R. Keeling air-sea O2 climatology
due submitted online  McClain et al. tropical Pacific model output
due submitted online  McGillicuddy & Kosnyrev BATS regional model output
due submitted online  Muller-Karger CARIACO synthesis
due submitted online  Siegel monthly SeaWiFS-derived CDM 
(colored dissolved matter)
due submitted online  Walsh southern Caribbean data
technical report downloaded from the project website
NSF 1998
due submitted online  Barber Eq Pacific model output
due submitted online  Hansell et al. DOC findings
see DOC data from Process Studies in situ bottle data
due submitted online  Jackson upper ocean aggregation model
due submitted online  C Keeling D13C data sets
due submitted online  Laws f-ratios
due submitted online  McGillicuddy mesoscale eddies in N. Atlantic
due submitted online  Roman & Dam mesozooplankton carbon flux
due submitted online  Conkright historical CO2-system data inventories
due submitted online  Dickson global surface pCO2
due submitted online  Doney global ecosystem model code/output
due submitted online  Lee et al. CaCO3 saturation state
due submitted online  Peng et al. Redfield ratios
due submitted online  Quay & McNichol CO2 uptake rates
results available from WOCE; also as a GLODAP product
due submitted online  Sabine et al. CO2 survey synthesis
due submitted online  Talley & Johnson CO2 transport estimates
due submitted online  Wanninkhof et al. CO2 transport - inverse model results
NSF 1999
due submitted online  Bates & Sabine global/basinal DIC synthesis
results available from CDIAC as a GLODAP product
due submitted online  Ducklow et al. bacterial biomass/production
due submitted online  Lizotte & DiTullio HPLC results
due submitted online  Hood et al. Arabian Sea model results
due submitted online  Key et al. Redfield remineralization ratio
results reported as GLODAP product
due submitted online  Martin & Sayles sediment model results
due submitted online  Murray et al. HNLC - food web model results
due submitted online  Robbins & Dickson Pacific anthropogenic carbon
due submitted online  Sambrotto & Dickson N-uptake, NCP, synthesis/model
due submitted online  Verity et al. Ocean Margins Program data synthesis
(data from 4 studies: ACE, SEEP-I, SEEP-II, OMP, contributed on CD-ROM and converted to JGOFS format
NSF 2000
due submitted online  Christian & Letelier HOT synthesis/model results
due submitted online  Gardner et al. global transmissometer inventory
due submitted online  Hofmann et al. Ross Sea, W. Antartic Peninsula
due submitted online  Honjo et al. biogenic export, recycling, synthesis
due submitted online  Jackson midwater carbon flows - model output
due submitted online  Jahnke synthesis of deep sea carbon, CaCO3 & opal 
fluxes, benthic fluxes, sediment accumulation
due submitted online  Landry et al. community structure and export - model output
due submitted online  Nelson et al. Si cycling in S. Ocean and Sargasso Sea
due submitted online  Yoder global SeaWiFS chlorophyll
NSF 2001
due submitted online  Buesseler particulate export
due submitted online  Ducklow et al. biogeochemical fluxes
due submitted online  Friedrichs et al. regional testbed models
due submitted online  Glover & Conte BATS particle flux model
due submitted online  Gruber modeled C-cycle variability
due submitted online  Laws adaptive food web model
due submitted online  McGillicuddy eddy-resolving model output
due submitted online  Sarmiento estimated oceanic uptake of anthropogenic CO2
due submitted online  Thompson et al.  Mechanisms of North Pacific CO2 uptake
NSF 2002
due submitted online  Berelson et al.  Global CaCO3 production and dissolution: Synthesis & modeling products
due submitted online  Chai et al.  Equatorial Pacific biogeochemical modeling results
due submitted online  Doney and Moore  3-D global and basin-scale ecosystem biogeochemical model results
due submitted online  Gardner and Mishonov  HOT & BATS transmissometer data validation
due submitted online  Gruber et al.  Synthesis of global anthropogenic CO2 in the ocean
(publication only; no data)

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