Synthesis & Modeling Project
Margarita Conkright
Assembly, quality control and analysis of components of the carbon dioxide system

NOAA/DOE OACES, 36 months

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A wealth of recent CO2 data has only now made it possible to develop a canonical CO2 database.  A comprehensive database would be useful for a variety of purposes, e.g., to calculate annual oceanic carbon uptake from DCO2 maps, to determine long-term changes in the dissolved carbon concentrations, to predict future atmospheric CO2 concentrations through modelling studies, and to develop a better understanding of the carbon cycle on a basin-wide scale.  This project has two major objectives: 
  1. assembly of a digital database containing the carbon dioxide parameters TCO2 (sum of carbon dioxide species in seawater), partial pressure of CO2 in the ocean (DCO2), total alkalinity (TA), and pH.  Co-collected temperature, salinity, oxygen and nutrient data will be incorporated into the database as part of the project; and
  2. development and incorporation of quality control procedures to insure the integrity of the data.  
Variations of CO2 content in surface waters are influenced by seasonal temperature cycles (changes in the solubility of carbon dioxide), mixing dynamics of ocean (deep water formation in high latitudes traps atmospheric CO2 which is returned to the surface in upwelled waters) and the biological cycles of the sea (CO2 is drawn down in the spring and summer by phytoplankton, and regenerated in the winter).  Comparison of the results from the objectively analyzed fields showing the spatial distribution of CO2 (objective 3) with already published nutrient (Conkright et al., 1994a), oxygen (Levitus and Boyer, 1994a), primary production (work in progress), salinity (Levitus et al., 1994b) and temperature (Levitus and Boyer, 1994c) data, will increase understanding of the processes involved in the marine biogeochemical cycle and the cycling of carbon in the oceans.


DATA: Maps and tables of carbon system data inventories
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