Synthesis & Modeling Project
Christopher Sabine
Robert Key
Richard Feely
John Bullister
Frank Millero
Rik Wanninkhof
Dr. Tsung-Hung Peng
Alex Kozyr
Synthesis and interpretation of the NOAA/DOE global CO2 survey data

NOAA/DOE OACES, 36 months

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The recently completed DOE/NOAA cosponsored global carbon survey produced over an order of magnitude more high-quality carbon measurements than previous survey efforts.  These data provide an important asset to the scientific community investigating carbon cycling in the oceans.  Most of the data have been reported to national archive facilities, but have not been synthesized into a unified, internally consistent global data set.  The central objective of this proposal is to generate that unified data set and to determine the global distribution and inventories of both natural and anthropogenic carbon species. These estimates will be used to infer the rate of anthropogenic CO2 uptake in the oceans and to evaluate numerical ocean carbon models.  These estimates also provide an important benchmark against which future observational studies will be compared.

To accomplish this task, a number of additional products will be generated which will directly benefit the scientific community. The first will be improved global estimates of thermocline ventilation rates and chlorofluorocarbon based watermass ages.  We will also provide empirical equations for estimating surface carbon distributions from conservative parameters and a field-based evaluation of the carbon dissociation constants.  A careful examination of the new data set will allow us to evaluate optimal sampling strategies for the future and an evaluation of the technology necessary to properly address remaining questions on the cycling of carbon in the oceans.  This work will directly address the OACES and DOE goals of improving our ability to observe, understand, predict, and respond to changes in the global environment.


DATA: GLODAP (GLobal Ocean Data Analysis Project) provides many datasets (both gridded and bottle data) from this project (anthropogenic carbon, delta CO2 1995-1978, total alkalinity, total carbon)


PUBLICATIONS: Lamb, et al. 2002. Consistency and synthesis of Pacific Ocean CO2 survey data.  DSR II, First Special Issue of the U.S. JGOFS Synthesis and Modeling Project. 49(1-3): 21-58.

Additional publications related to this project are listed via http://geoweb.princeton.edu/bigscience/GLODAP/globalcarbon/GLODAP.ref.html


RELATED PROJECTS: Key; Gordon; Sabine; Gruber; Mordy "Determination of the Redfield remineralization ratios based on neutral surface analysis of the new global data set"

Lee; Millero; Feely; Wanninkhof  "Degree of saturation state of CaCO3 in the oceans"

Peng; Zhang; Li  "Re-evaluation of Redfield ratios using OACES and DOE/WOCE/JGOFS CO2 survey data"

Wanninhkof; Wallace; Baringer  "Meridional transport of carbon dioxide in the North Atlantic Ocean"

Gruber; Sabine; Sonnerup; Bullister; Key "Global Assessment and Synthesis of Data Based Estimates of Anthropogenic CO2 in the Ocean"


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