Synthesis & Modeling Project
Mary-Elena Carr 
Edward J. Kearns 
An historical and modeling comparison study of four coastal upwelling systems 

NASA, 36 months

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Although coastal upwelling regions associated with the eastern boundary currents cover less than 0.5% of the world ocean, it is estimated that they account for a considerable proportion of global new production and fish catch.  Consequently these regions play a disproportionate role in the oceanic carbon budget.  An ongoing comparison study of the four major coastal upwelling sites associated with the Canary, Benguela, California, and Peru-Humboldt Currents using satellite data and ecosystem modeling is presently underway.  An integrated approach of modeling and satellite observations is only effective when there is sufficient knowledge of in situ parameters. Here we propose to carry out a two tiered research approach:  first we will build a climatology of hydrographic, chemical, and biological parameters for each the four coastal upwelling regions.  This in situ climatology will be integrated with the satellite-based climatology currently in preparation.  The second stage will utilize the in situ and space-borne information in a modeling study of the control of primary production and carbon export.  The historical database will be used to parameterize model processes, as model forcing, and as a constraint to interpret results.


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PUBLICATIONS: Carr, M.-E.  2002. Estimation of potential productivity in Eastern Boundary Currents using remote sensing.  DSR II, First Special Issue of the U.S. JGOFS Synthesis & Modeling Project., 49(1-3): 59-80.
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