Synthesis & Modeling Project
Eileen E. Hofmann
Evaluation of marine primary productivity in the tropical Pacific and Atlantic Oceans using satellite ocean color and numerical models

(Collab with Chuck McClain)

NASA, 36 months

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This research program focuses on three general topics of investigation:
  1. interactions between physical and biological processes in tropical Pacific and Atlantic Oceans,
  2. coupled physical-biological models for predictive and diagnostic studies, and
  3. data assimilation techniques for model prediction skill and ecosystem parameter estimation.
The first topic will have as a primary emphasis the use of various basin-scale meteorological, altimetric, SST, and in situ (e.g. TAO array) data for time-space correlation analyses with surface ocean color pigment fields. These analyses will provide descriptive evaluations of observed variability and suggestions of underlying processes. The coupled models will be used to provide a more complete interpretation of the observed fields and of the derived correlations. The models will also be used to conduct sensitivity studies on the effects of spatial and temporal variability in light absorption on heat fluxes, mixed layer depth and circulation. The ecosystem models will be used to address issues related to temporal variability in nutrient supply (micro- and macronutrients) on ecosystem structure and function. The data assimilation studies will be designed to provide improved estimation of biological rates and to provide improved parameterization of biological rates in three-dimensional, basin-scale, coupled physical-biological models.



Results for this project were submitted in collaboration with McClain et al. See: Biogeochemical Model of the Tropical Pacific Ocean

PUBLICATIONS: - no publications listed -
RELATED PROJECTS: McClain; Koblinsky; Lewis; Murtugudde; Asanuma; Busalacchi "Physical-biological interactions in the Tropical Pacific and Atlantic Equatorial surface layers"

Friedrichs; et al. "Regional ecosystem model testbeds. A JGOFS synthesis and modeling project."

Hofmann; Klinck; Smith; Prézelin "Comparative modeling and data analysis studies for the Ross Sea and West Antarctic Peninsula regions: A JGOFS synthesis and modeling project"


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