Synthesis & Modeling Project
Ralph F. Keeling

Hernan Garcia

Southern Ocean seasonal net production from atmospheric and ocean data sets

NASA, 36 months

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: We propose to synthesize large-scale oceanic (dissolved oxygen, dissolved inorganic carbon, sea-surface temperature, mixed layer depth, heat flux) and atmospheric (O2/N2 ratio) datasets at on large scales in the Southern Hemisphere south of 30 S.  The chemical and physical datasets will be used to construct estimates of monthly, zonally-averag ed net community production of organic carbon in the ocean mixed layer.  Following these analyses, we will also investigate interannual relationships between those variables (O2/N2, SST, heat flux) which are available as continuous time-series with the goal of understanding interannual controls on production and carbon cycling.  Our study will clarify the magnitude of and large-scale controls on production and carbon flux in the Southern Ocean and provide a basis for intercomparison with independent estimates based on satellite-derived ocean color.  These studies will also establish the basis for using atmospheric observations for documenting and interpreting annual and interannual variations in the future.
DATA: Global monthly air-sea O2 flux anomalies (via SMP LAS)
PUBLICATIONS: Garcia, H.; Keeling, R.F. 2001. On the global oxygen anomaly and air-sea flux. JGR Oceans 106(C12): 31,115-31,166.
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