U.S. JGOFS Equatorial Pacific Process Study

Sampling and Analytical Protocols

Edited by: Susan Kadar, Margaret Leinen and James W. Murray, 1993

additional protocols as received by Data Management Office
Christine L. Hammond


Section 1 N and C Sampling and Analysis Protocols for the JGOFS EqPac Program
Mark A. Altabet and Roger Francois
Section 2 Radiochemical Analyses of U, Th Isotopes, Pa and Be
Robert F. Anderson
Section 3 Protocols for Measurement of pCO, Total CO, and Alkalinity on the Equatorial Pacific JGOFS Survey Cruises
David Archer and Taro Takahashi
Section 4 Sampling Protocols for Marine Snow Aggregates
Vernon Asper
Section 5 Use of Naturally Occurring Radionuclides as Tracers for Particle and Carbon Fluxes and Cycling Rates
Michael P. Bacon and J. Kirk Cochran
Section 6 Calcification and Photosynthesis Measurements from 12 N to 12 S along 140 W
William M. Balch
Section 7 In Situ Primary Productivity Protocol
Richard T. Barber
Section 8 Protocol for Net and Gross O Production Measurements
Michael L. Bender
Section 9 Core Pigment Protocol and QA/QC Procedures for the U.S. JGOFS EQPAC Program
Robert R. Bidigare
Section 9A Multiple Unit Large Volume in situ Filtration System Protocol
James K.B. Bishop
Section 9B Mesozooplankton Protocols
Hans Dam and Michael Roman
Section 10 Benthic Microbiological Biomass, Composition, Carbon-Utilization Rates, and Production: Summary of Methods for the U.S. JGOFS EqPac Program
Fred C. Dobbs
Section 11 Measurement of Bacterial Biomass and Production (EqPac)
Hugh W. Ducklow and David L. Kirchman
Section 12 Acquisition and Processing of AVHRR Images during JGOFS
Pierre Flament
Section 12A Data Reduction Scheme for Determining Beam Attenuation Coefficients
Wilford Gardner
Section 13 Nutrient Protocols
Christopher Garside
Section 14 Determination of the Temporal Variations of the Carbonate Properties in the Ocean during the EqPac Time-Series Cruises
Catherine Goyet
Section 15 Sampling and Analytic Schemes for U-, Th-series and Be Isotopes
Teh-Lung Ku and Shangde Luo
Section 16 Standing Stocks and Microzooplankton Grazing Rates in the Equatorial Pacific
Michael R. Landry
Section 17 Summary of Sampling Plan, Analytical Plan and Procedures
Margaret Leinen
Section 18 Determination of Particulate Organic Carbon (POC) and Nitrogen (PON) in Seawater
John H. Martin
Section 19 EqPac New Production by N
James J. McCarthy and Patricia A. Wheeler
Section 20 Scavenging Isotopes and Particle Cycling
James W. Murray
Section 21 Enumeration and Analysis of Picophytoplankton
Robert J. Olson and Sallie W. Chisholm
Section 21A Shipboard determination of total organic carbon by a high temperature combustion/ direct injection technique
Edward T. Peltzer
Section 22 Measurement Protocols for Macrobenthic Abundance and Biomass in the U.S. JGOFS EqPac Program
Craig R. Smith, David C. Kadko and David J. DeMaster
Section 23 Protocols for Role of Microzooplankton in the Equatorial Pacific
Michael E. Sieracki, Peter G. Verity and Diane K. Stoecker
Section 24 Bio-optical Calibration and Measurements Protocols for U.S.JGOFS Equatorial Pacific Cruises
Charles C. Trees and Curtiss O. Davis
Section 25 Organic Geochemical Flux Studies in the Equatorial Pacific Using Swimmer-Excluding Rotator Traps
Stuart G. Wakeham, Cindy Lee and John I. Hedges
Section 26 Large Aggregate Profiling System Protocol
Ian D. Walsh, Wilford B. Gardner and Mary Jo Richardson