This report is a summary of the sampling and analytical protocols used for the NSF funded Equatorial Pacific Project (EqPac), a component of the U.S. JGOFS Process Studies. More than fifty principal investigators were funded to carry out an intensive field program during a 13 month period.

The team collected a wide range of samples and conducted one of the most complete sets of biological, chemical and geological analytical measurements ever accomplished at the same location.

The moored sediment traps were deployed from the R/V Wecoma in January of 1992, and were recovered one year later from the R/V Thompson. The benthic survey and time series cruises all took place during 1992, and were conducted using the R/V Thompson. The pertinent cruise data of types of cruises, dates, chief scientists and science personnel are summarized in Murray et al. (1993). We would like to take this opportunity to offer our congratulations and thanks to the officers and crews of the vessels for doing an excellent job of serving the varied and demanding needs of the program. Their cheerful and positive attitude during the long cruises was a great help and asset towards accomplishment of the goals of the study.

During the planning stages of the field work the EqPac investigators agreed that a brief summary of the sampling and analytical protocols would be of real value for internal use and for comparison with the protocols used during the JGOFS North Atlantic Bloom Experiment (JGOFS, 1990) and the revised JGOFS protocols document (JGOFS, in preparation). When possible investigators have referenced published techniques. Investigators were also asked to describe their data quality analysis and control (QA/QC) procedures. More detailed descriptions will appear in the forthcoming scientific publications.

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