What's New (from 1995)


o  U.S.JGOFS Scientific Steering Committee meeting minutes
on the (What is) U.S. JGOFS Page
as of December 19

o  Ocean Color Data and Resources at Goddard
on the Satellite Observations of Ocean Color page
as of November 3

o  U.S. JGOFS News Search
on the (What is) U.S. JGOFS Page
and on the Planning and Implementation Office page
as of October 19

o  U.S. JGOFS Mid-Program Strategy
on the Home Page
as of October 6

o  The Climate Variability and Predictability or CLIVAR project
on the Global Change Research page,
linked to global climate change on the Home page
as of September 29

o  Current JGOFS Research funded outside the U.S.
on the International JGOFS Information page,
linked to the word JGOFS on the Home page,
and on the Planning Office page
as of September 21

o  Global Change Research links
on the Home Page
as of September 18


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