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Dear Colleague,

The third and final JGOFS Open Science Conference, entitled "A Sea of Change: JGOFS Accomplishments and the Future of Ocean Biogeochemistry," was successfully held at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., May 5-8, 2003. The venue recognized the birth of JGOFS in 1984 at an NAS-sponsored workshop held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. It also reminded us that the first international JGOFS science meeting, the North Atlantic Bloom Experiment Symposium, was held at the NAS in 1990.

The conference celebrated the successful completion of JGOFS, focusing on the exceptional legacy of JGOFS with an in-depth look at 15 years of JGOFS ocean carbon cycle research while also looking ahead to the crucial questions that future programs should address with a preview of the future of ocean ecology and biogeochemistry.

Its purpose was to provide an opportunity for 332 scientists and students from 32 countries around the world to report on what JGOFS has contributed to our larger understanding of the ocean carbon cycle. The format of the conference included provocative plenary sessions with a number of keynote talks pairing speakers with commentators and contributed poster sessions. A special session of the Minorities Striving and Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success Program (MS and PHDS Program) occurred at the conference, enabling minority students to meet with mentors from among the conference participants.

The JGOFS program has been wider, deeper and richer than most of us ever imagined it would be. The global ocean carbon dioxide system has been mapped with unprecedented coverage and precision. Several oceanic time-series studies have amassed more than a decade's worth of high-quality observations of ecological and biogeochemical indicators of climate change and ecosystem transformation. A wealth of insights and data from process studies is being enshrined in new models of ocean dynamics. Two generations of graduate students have learned from JGOFS fieldwork and publications.

The introductory paragraphs have been paraphrased by the U.S. JGOFS PDMO from the original conference invitation by ...

Hugh W. Ducklow
Chair, International JGOFS Scientific Steering Committee


Deborah K. Steinberg
Chair, Conference Scientific Program Steering Committee

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