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JGOFS Open Science Conference Awards

Best Student Poster Awards
Each day of the conference the best student poster was selected by the poster session chairs to receive an award.
Conference Day Student's Name Institution Poster Title
Day 1 Seung-Hyun Son University of New Hampshire Decadal and inter-annual variations in the Yellow and East China Seas revealed by Satellite Ocean Color Data (1979 – 2002)
Day 2 Cecelia C. Sheridan University of Hawaii A synthesis of Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) mesozooplankton data from 1994-2002: temporal variability and contribution to elemental budgets
Day 3 Astrid Schnetzer University of Southern California The impact of diel vertical migration on surface export of particulate organic matter and cycling of energy in the mesopelagic zone
All Conference   Best Student Poster on Topics Related to Physical Oceanography
Marie-Helene Radenac IRD/Legos Nitrate distribution in the equatorial Pacific during the 1997 El Niño: biological processes vs. vertical and horizontal physical processes
All Conference   Best Student Poster on Topics Related to Microbial Ecology
Matthew Church Virginia Institute of Marine Science Light-enhanced bacterial production at Station ALOHA in the oligotrophic North Pacific Ocean

U.S. JGOFS Publication Awards
Awards were also presented by the U.S. JGOFS Planning Office to recognize selected authors of U.S. JGOFS contributions.
Author's Name Institution Award
David M. Karl University of Hawaii Largest Number of U.S. JGOFS Contributions
Richard A. Feely Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, NOAA U.S. JGOFS Contribution #1
Scott C. Doney Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution U.S. JGOFS Contribution #1000

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