U.S. JGOFS Data Management

[To Data] U.S. JGOFS Data is available online, by Process Study.

We maintain a list of currently available Data Objects:

In the interest of being complete, a HOT data pointer is offered for access to HOT-DOGS, and a BATS data pointer is available for access to the BATS Data Extraction page.


The JGOFS Data Management system is a distributed, object-oriented system, originally developed by Glenn Flierl, James Bishop, Satish Paranjpe and David Glover. The JGOFS system has changed considerably in the last few years, and we continue to add new features. It has several interfaces, the most user-friendly of which is the Web browser interface.

Detailed information about the Data System is available to for those interested in understanding its internal workings. Also available are the source code for the system and instructions for installing the Data System on a Unix machine.

The U.S. JGOFS Data Management Office personnel (Chris, George and Dave) have gathered the following information, hoping that it may be helpful to participating JGOFS investigators and their technicians.


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