North Atlantic Bloom Experiment (1989)

Principal Investigators

One of the first major activities of JGOFS was the North Atlantic Bloom Experiment (NABE), carried out along longitude 20°West in 1989-1991. U.S. JGOFS participated in 1989 only, executing a pilot field study with 3 process cruises. Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom (BOFS) continued the program with cruises in 1990-91. Initial results of the 1989 studies have been reported in a special volume of Deep-Sea Research (Ducklow and Harris, 1993). The comprehensive results of the recently completed U.K. BOFS Program are summarized in a Final Report (NERC, 1994). A special Discussion Meeting sponsored by the Royal Society of London in September 1994, titled "The Role of the North Atlantic Ocean in the Global Carbon Cycle" provided a chance for another look back to NABE and ahead toward emerging issues about the North Atlantic. Proceedings of the Royal Society meeting were published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (Eglinton et al., 1995). These published reports contain much of the scientific background on which any subsequent research in the North Atlantic will be based.


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