Time Series Measurements

Time-series observations of long duration were begun in 1988 at two key oceanic sites.

Bermuda Atlantic Time Series (BATS) study 
As part of the U.S. Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS), researchers from the Bermuda Biological Station are conducting long time-series studies of biogeochemical cycles in the Sargasso Sea near Bermuda. This project, the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS), involves making monthly measurements of important hydrographic and biological parameters throughout the water column at sites in the Sargasso Sea.

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Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT Study) 
Hosted by the School of Ocean & Earth Science & Technology of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The HOT program celebrated its 75th cruise in mid-September, 1996 with a HOT-75 symposium which was well-attended and very informative.

SOEST is also the home of the Satellite Oceanography Laboratory established by Pierre Flament. Also, available there is a Hawaii Ocean Time-series Data Organization & Graphical System, HOT-DOGS.

Decade of HOT data published on CD-ROM (1999)
A Hawaii Ocean Time-series CD-ROM entitled, "The Hawaii Ocean Time-series: A Decade of Interdisciplinary Oceanography", was published in 1999 by Roger Lukas and Dave Karl of the University of Hawaii, provides complete access to the 10-year dataset produced by the HOT project along with comprehensive supporting documentation. (CD-ROM no longer available; visit HOT web site online for data » HOT web site)

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