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Process Studies

U.S. JGOFS plans called for the deployment of moored arrays and detailed cruise operations in well-defined boxes at strategic oceanic locations. These experiments were to be designed to better parameterize the functions which describe ocean biogeochemical processes, and permit their incorporation into numerical models.

The North Atlantic Bloom Experiment or NABE 
conducted during 1989, at approximately 20°W, where researchers made scientific measurements aboard two ships, the R/V Atlantis II and the R/V Endeavor during 3 cruises.

The Equatorial Pacific Project or EqPac 
focused its efforts along 140°W in 1992 on 5 cruises aboard R/V Thomas G. Thompson.

The Arabian Sea Process Study 
consisted of approximately 17 cruises aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson based from Muscat, Oman between late in 1994 and January of 1996.

The Antarctic Environment and Southern Ocean Process Study or AESOPS 
began late in August of 1996 with a Site Survey cruise and continued through March of 1998 with 11 cruises aboard the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer and the R/V Roger A. Revelle.

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