The Article from October 7, 2003 about Final JGOFS Open Science Conference
Physics Today  
Sinks for Anthropogenic Carbon by Jorge L. Sarmiento and Nicolas Gruber.
Scientific American  
The Ocean's Invisible Forest by Paul G. Falkowski.
The latest issue of Oceanography features JGOFS.
U.S. JGOFS Brochure  
Our brochure summarizing the U.S. JGOFS program.
U.S. JGOFS Newsletter  
Our quarterly newsletter covering national and international JGOFS.
U.S. JGOFS Reports  
A list of available reports available free from the U.S. JGOFS Planning Office.
Scientific Contributions  
A bibliography of scientific papers related to U.S. JGOFS.
Deep-Sea Research Volumes Available  
U.S. JGOFS-related Deep-Sea Research volumes available at a reduced cost.
Data Reports
10 year HOT CD  
of the Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT) Project data (CD-ROM no longer available)
JGOFS International Collection Data Reports  
includes several collections (published on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM) of discrete and integrated data from the International JGOFS research program.
U.S. JGOFS Final Data Report  
published as a multi-volume report on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM

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