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The following table is a draft compilation of the recent questionaire provided to SMP principal investigators.
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This information is provided to promote interaction between PIs, to eliminate duplication of efforts, and to assist the Data Management Office with providing SMP data accessibility

updated 01 Apr 02

Investigator(s) Project Type Spat Cov Spat Res Temp Cov Temp Res Grid Volume End Comments
"A Coupled Ice-Ocean Model of Mesoscale Physical/Biological Interactions in the Ross Sea synthesis
model results
satellite data
Ross Sea
Satellite:  1-4km;
Model 20 km
??? daily-weekly gridded 2D and 3D 5 Gb Dec 00 data are available now;
prefer HDF format;
prefer DMO handle data
"New and export productivity regulation by Si and Fe in the equatorial Pacific Ocean" model results 15N-15S; 130E-90W 0.5°lat; 2.0°lon; 
10m for top 120m
1980-1993 monthly gridded, 
12 arrays: 71x61x25
sev. Gb Dec 00 prefer Cray binary format;
prefer maintaining data on own system
Buesseler "Magnitude, Variability and Controls of Particulate Export in the Upper Ocean"                  
Caldeira "Biological Influences on Mixed-Layer Dynamics and Global Ocean Circulation, and Participation in the Ocean Carbon Cycle Model Intercomparison Project"                 DUE
"Modeling of N2 and CO2 Fixation by the Oceanic Diazotroph Trichodesmium"                 DUE
"An Historical and Modeling Comparison Study of Four Coastal Upwelling Systems"                 DUE
"Modeling microbial processes and dissolved organic matter: a case study at the US-JGOFS time series Station ALOHA" synthesis;
model results
1-D (z,t)
2 m vertical 1988-2000 daily gridded 2 Gb Apr 03 anticipated data availability by mid 2002;
can provide NetCDF or Matlab;
prefer DMO handle data
Conkright  "Assembly, Quality Control and Analysis of Components of the Carbon Dioxide System" in-situ historical data global scale of observations ~1920-1990 ungridded n/a n/a May 01 anticipated data availability by May 01;
prefer ASCII; can provide in NetCDF;
prefer DMO handle data
Dickson  "Synthesis of a Global Surface pCO2 Data Set"                  
Doney  "The Impact of Interannual Variability on Air-sea CO2 Fluxes and Oceanic Dissolved Inorganic Carbon Fields" model results global ~ 3x2° climatological monthly 2D gridded (to start), of ~ 20 variables ~100 Mb Dec 01 anticipate having data available by Dec 00;
prefer NetCDF;
prefer DMO handle data, but may use DODS
"Collaborative Research: Ecosystem Structure, Biogeochemical Fluxes and Vulnerability to Climate Change Perturbations."                  
"Constraining and Understanding Bacterial Biomass and Production Variability in Ocean Ecosystems" synthesis; 
model results;
compiled JGOFS data
regional, scale of indiv. JGOFS study sites discrete profiles dates of JGOFS study sites as sampled n/a <100 MB Mar 02 data will be made available over life of project;
prefer ASCII;
prefer DMO handle data
Falkowski "Representing Key Phytoplankton Groups in Ocean Carbon Cycle Models"               DUE  
Friedrichs "Regional Ecosystem Model Testbeds" synthesis;
model results;
1-D ecosystem model code
regional 1-D models with 1 m depth res/font> varies with process study;
typically 1 yr
daily gridded; typically 365 days x 400 m 1 Gb 04-05 data should be available beginning summer '02;
prefer ASCII or fortran binary; can provide NetCDF;
prefer maintaining data on own site (with SMP link)
"Global Synthesis of POC Using Satellite Data calibrated with Transmissometer and POC Data from JGOFS/WOCE" synthesis;
processed, corrected data sets;
metadata inventory
global WOCE / JGOFS /
SAVE sampling grids, lines
1983-1998 n/a ungridded distribution map; ASCII station profiles, sections, etc 1-2 Gb 2003 data available from 3rd year of project; metadata available by endo of first year; we can provide and operate an inventory system for use with other JGOFS datasets for metadata handling;
prefer ASCII; can provide in Free-form
;prefer DMO handle data
"A Coupled Epipelagic-Meso/Bathypelagic Particle Flux Model for the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Station (BATS)/Oceanic Flux Program (OFP) Site" synthesis;
model results
1-D vertical, 5 m 10 yr
(time-step much shorter)
1-D; regular 
vertical grid
5-6 simulations;
140 Mb each
may 04 initial resulst could be avail. by summer '02;
Prefer NetCDF, Matlab, Fortran binary;
can profice NetCDF or Matlab;
prefer DMO handle data
Gruber "Analyzing and Modeling Interannual to Decadal Variability in the Carbon Cycle of the Subtropical and Subpolar Gyres."                  
"Mass Balance Assessments of Carbon Partitioning: A Contribution to the U.S. JGOFS SMP" ??? ??? ??? ??? n/a n/a 0 Dec 00 data will not be explicitley provided; only "understanding" of carbon partioning
Hofmann  "Evaluation of Marine Primary Productivity in the Tropical Pacific and Atlantic Oceans Using Satellite Ocean Color and Numerical Models" synthesis;
moel results
tropical Pacific around 140°N
meters; output from 1-D models; vertical climatologies at meter resolution 1997-1998;  daily - monthly as output from 1-D and time-dependent numerical models 5-10 MB Nov 01 data available by summer 2001 or sooner; 
prefer NetCDF, Matlab. ASCII
prefer to maintain data on own system
"Comparative Modeling and Data Analysis Studies for the Ross Sea and West Antarctic Peninsula Regions: A JGOFS Synthesis and Modeling Project" synthesis;
model results
regional; Ross Sea, W Ant. Pen/font> variable, 2 to 20 km historical data from NODC climatologies;
W Ant. Pen.: field obs. since 1991;
Ross Sea: field obs. since 1990
variable, hrly - seasonal - annual gridded (details not yet avail.) TBD May 03 anticipate data avail. in 2nd,3rd year of project; prefer NetCDF, JGOFS, Matlab, ASCII formats; prefer to maintain data both on own system and on JGOFS;
NOTE: are setting up own project web site which will be linked to SMP web site at completion of project
"Global Export and Recycling of Biogenic Material into the Ocean Interior: A Synthesis" synthesis global 136 data points oceanwide annual to seasonal ~ 7-day intervals TBD TBD Dec 02 anticipate data available sometime in 01;
data format TBD;
prefer DMO handle data
"Development, Validation and Improvement of a Coupled Biological/Chemical/Physical Model for the Arabian Sea"                  
Jackson "Development of Upper-Ocean Aggregation Models Useful for Interpreting and Predicting Carbon Fluxes" model code n/a n/a n/a n/a model code n/a Dec 00 written in Matlab
"Understanding the carbon flows between the euphotic zone and 1000m depth" model code n/a n/a n/a n/a model code n/a   written in Matlab
Jahnke "Global Synthesis of Deep Ocean Carbon, Carbonate, Opal, and Nutrient Particle Fluxes, Benthic Fluxes and Sediment Accumulation" synthesis global 2x2° n/a n/a gridded <30Mb Jan 03 some data are already posted on LAS server;
prefer Matlab, ASCII, Excel;
prefer DMO handle data
C Keeling  "Oceanic Carbon Cycle Model analysis of a New Global Set of Oceanic Carbon Including Extensive del-13C Data and Supporting Measurements"                  
R Keeling  "Southern Ocean Seasonal Net Production from Atmospheric and Ocean Data Sets" synthesis global 1x1° 1960-1998 climatology monthly gridded 6 Mb ??? This is a new seasonal air-sea O2 climatology that compares well with observations in the atmosphere (Garcia and Keeling, submitted MS);
prefer ASCII;
prefer DMO handle data
"Determination of the Redfield Remineralization Ratios Based on Neutral Surface Analysis of the New Global Data Set" synthesized; 
correction tables
global "WOCE +" "WOCE +" none non-gridded few Mb summer 02 anticipate following:
by Sep 00 - corrections for WOCE nutrients Indian & Pacific Oceans
by Dec 00 - merged, corrected data sets, by ocean;
prefer ASCII; can provide NetCDF or Splus binary;
prefer to maintain data on own system (distribution will be via GLODAP site)
"Data-Based Models of Plankton Community Structure and Export Flux" synthesis; model output specific locations in Eq Pacific and Arabian Sea localized localized variable model output, non-gridded miniscule Jul 03 anticipate data available near end of project;
prefer ASCII;
prefer DMO handle data
Laws  "An f-Ratio Model for Pelagic Marine Ecosystems" modeled f-ratios global n/a n/a n/a n/a < 1 Mb Dec 00 Data can be made available now. Data are in Matlab program that can be used to interpolate f-ratios to any temperature between 0 and 30° C and for different production rates (mg N m-3 d-1);
prefer Matlab format;
prefer DMO handle data
Laws "Development of an adaptive food web model to explain carbon cyccling in the ocean Model results global n/a n/a n/a "matlab file" ~ 2000 total 
data points
May 04 Data will be provided as Matlab file;
prefer DMO handle data
"Degree of Saturation State of CaCO3 in the Oceans" synthesis global 1x1° composite year monthly or seasonal means gridded n/a May 01 prefer ASCII format;
"JGOFS Synthesis: The Role of Phytoplankton Community Structure in Determining Particulate Elemental Composition, Carbon Fixation, and Bio-Optical Properties" synthesis global same as process study same as process study same as process study non-gridded ~ 10 Mb Jun 01 anticipate data available by spring 01;
prefer ASCII; can provide HDF format;
prefer DMO handle data
"Interannual Variability of Ocean Color: A Synthesis of Satellite Data and Models and Participation in the Ocean Carbon Cycle Model Intercomparison Project" model results global 2.8° x 2.8° x 15 levels annual cycle
monthly to annual gridded 128x64x15 100Mb Dec 00 anticipate data available in 2000;
prefer to provide data in NetCDF;
prefer to maintain data on own system
"The Cycling of Organic carbon and Calcium Carbonate in Marine Sediments: Determination of Parameters for Use in Global Models" model results (parameters derived from fits to data) several different regions n/a n/a n/a n/a <1Mb Feb 01 anticipate data available by 02.01;
prefer fee-form;
prefer DMO handle data
"Physical-Biological Interactions in the Tropical Pacific and Atlantic Equatorial Surface Layers" model results regional;
tropical Pacific
~ 0.5° climatological monthly gridded 3Gb Oct 00 anticipate data availability by fall 00;
prefer to provide data in NetCDF;
prefer DMO handle data
McGillicuddy  "The Role of Eddies in Basin-Scale Biogeochemical Budgets of the North Atlantic" model results regional n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Oct 00 model results available now
McGillicuddy  "Modeling Mesoscale Biogeochemical Processes in a TOPEX/POSEIDON Diamond Surrounding the U.S.JGOFS Bermuda Atlantic Time Series"                  
Muller-Karger  "Synoptic Analysis of Factors Influencing Carbon Fluxes at the CARIACO Continental Margin Time Series" synthesis;
DIC, phytoplankton, productivity;
sed trap
Cariaco Basin
11°00N 66°10W
160 x 40 km
  11/95 to present monthly (except sed trap data will be biweekly) non-gridded 1MB Mar 01 selected data are available now;
data in Excel spreadsheets or tab-delimited; 
prefer to provide data as binary, ASCII, or MS Excel;
prefer to maintain data on own system
"Food-Web Regulation of Particulate Export Flux in High Nitrate-Low Chlorophyll Regions" model results regional: synthesis of new prod. and export flux for HNLC sites (EqPac Stn P, S Ocean)
globaL: food web models
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a   Note: at present we are modeling other people's data; as our papers are submitted we will put them on the SMP site so our model analysis can be used by others
"Evaluation and Intercomparison of Three-Dimensional Marine Carbon Cycle Models" model results global varies with model climatological 1770-2100 annual / monthly 3D gridded; 
5-10 variables
Gb Dec 00  
"Si cycling and Si control of new production and organic carbon export in the Southern Ocean and the Sargasso Sea: A JGOFS synthesis"                  
"Re-evaluation of Redfield Ratios using OACES and DOE/WOCE/JGOFS CO2 Survey Data" synthesis global (Indian & Pacific) regional avg; may come with depth-dependence none none mean results for a region < 1Mb
(only a few avg redfiled ratios
May 01 Anticipate data available in July 2001;
prefer ASCII;
prefer providing data to DMO
"Oceanic CO2 Uptake Rates Derived from an Ocean-wide 13C/12C-DIC Data Set"                  
"An Assessment of Anthropogenic Carbon in the Pacific Ocean with Specific Application to Diagnostic Inverse Models of the Circulation" synthesis regiona;
60-100 km along transect one-time survey; early 1990's one-time survey no regular grid none;
contributing to effort to merge CO2 data into WOLE database maintained at whpo.ucsd.edu
Mar 02 Anticipate data available by Mar 2002;
"Mechanistic Controls of Carbon Flux by Mezozooplankton: A JGOFS Synthesis" synthesis regional; JGOFS process studies: NABE, EqPac, Arabian Sea, Aesops, HOTS, BATS surface 200 m; fixed stations for HOT, BATS, EqPAC; & Arabian Sea stations 2-3 week period for process studies; seasonal for HOT, BATS/font> Daily for EqPac, NABE; monhthly for HOT,BATS ungridded distribution map 1-2 Gb Dec 00 Anticipate data available by Dec 2002;
prefer binary format, can provide JGOFS format;
prefer providing data to DMO
"Synthesis and Interpretation of the NOAA/DOE Global CO2 Survey Data" synthesis global
also discrete data (combined, adjusted bottle data)
30 levels
1990's (WOCE era)   3D gridded;
bottle data by cruise,stn,cast,btl
50-100 Mb 2002 Indian Ocean available now;
Pacific Ocean available in a few months;
Atlantic Ocean available by end of grant;
prefer NetCDF or ASCII;
prefer to maintain data on own system (GLODAP?)
"Collaborative Research: Quantifying the Relationship Between Nitrogen Uptake and Net Community Production Using a Synthesis of JGOFS Data and 1-D Modeling"                  
Sarmiento "Examination of the Oceanic Uptake of Anthropogenic CO2 and Other Trace Gases Using Multiple Tracer Relationships."                  
"Assessment of Temporal Variability in Global Inorganic Carbon Distributions" synthesis global and basinal less than 1° n/a monthly, seasonal, annual gridded data; ungridded distribution map TBD Jun 02 anticipate data available by fall 00;
prefer Matlab;
prefer to maintain data on own system
Siegel  "Development and Application of the Next Generation of Ocean Color Models for the Understanding of Marine Processes on Regional and Global Scales" synthesis; 
global 9 km Oct 97 - pres 8-day; monthly standard SeaWiFS projection (2048 x 4096) 5-25 Gb Aug 01 see www.icess.ucsb.edu/~manuela for files available now
(select "Global GS97 Analysis" for gif files);
prefer HDF format;
prefer DMO handle data - but SeaWiFS project will also distribute this as an evaluation product
"Transport and Storage of Carbon in the Pacific Ocean: Estimates from Inverse Models" n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a No data provided; results will be handful of numbers (transport estimes) which will be reported in a paper Apr 01 No data provided
"Mechanisms Controlling the Biological Pump and CO2 Uptake Rates in the North Pacific"  model results regional
(N Pacific 20S -60N)
 1° (with shorter runs at 0.25°)  climatology runs, as well as 40 yr runs 1960s-1990s  5 day
30 day
 gridded model data: x,y,layer, and time (100,100,20,300)  10 Gb Mar 04  anticipate data available by summer 02;
prefer NetCDF
prefer maintaining on own system
Verity  "Budgets of Biogenic Elements in the NW Atlantic Ocean Margin: A Synthesis and Modelling Project" synthesis regional (Mid-Atl. Bight shelf, slope) shelfwide surveys to mooring grids 1993-1996 minutes to interannual n/a n/a Apr 01 anticipate data available by summer 01
Walsh  "A Numerical Analysis of New Nitrogen Sources of NO3 and N2 Effecting Carbon Cycling in theSouthern Caribbean Sea: A Key to CDOC Contamination of Satellite Color Signals"                  
"Meridional Transport of Carbon Dioxide in the North Atlantic Ocean" synthesis (inverse model results) regional
(North Atlantic)
same as WOCE/JGOFS observations) 1990's N/A/font> no horizontal gridding;
output is 20 neutral density layers, and at station spacing
~50MB Apr 02 anticipate data available by 06/01;
prefer ASCII and Matlab binary;
prefer DMO handle data 
Yoder  "Large-Scale Spatial and Temporal Patterns Evident in the Chlorophyll a Imagery from the First Four Global Satellite Ocean Color Missions (CZCS, OCTS, POLDER and SeaWiFS)" satellite  global
(0.25° on request)
1979-1982; 1997-2002 monthly gridded:
360 x 180 
x 115 months
15-30 MB Apr 03 anticipate data available by Sep 00;
prefer binary; can profide Matlab, ASCII, perhaps NetCDF;
prefer both DMO handle data, and to maintain on own system