U.S. JGOFS Synthesis & Modeling Project

Call for Manuscripts

Second Special Issue

Topical Studies in Oceanography
Deep Sea Research II


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The U.S. JGOFS Synthesis and Modeling Project invites manuscripts to be submitted for publication in a Topical Studies in Oceanography Issue in Deep Sea Research II, under the following theme:

"The synthesis of U.S. JGOFS and related data sets and modeling of ocean biogeochemistry with respect to the ocean carbon cycle and the controls on ocean atmosphere carbon partitioning".
This call is to all researchers whose work falls under the overall mission of the SMP to "synthesize knowledge gained from the U.S. JGOFS and related studies into models that reflect our current  understanding of the ocean carbon cycle and its associated uncertainties.  In particular, the processes that control carbon partitioning among oceanic reservoirs, and the implications on ocean/atmosphere carbon exchange, will be emphasized ." (detailed information on SMP goals can be found at http://usjgofs.whoi.edu/mzweb/syn-mod.htm).

This will be the SECOND of several special issues to be published in Deep Sea Research Part II.  The FIRST Special Issue was published in January, 2002 (see list of papers and abstracts in the FIRST volume).

The following is a proposed schedule for this issue:

Aug 2001 Announcement to SMP PIs of Special Issue in DSR II 
Distribution of Guidelines for Submission and Instructions to Authors
Request for titles
Apr 30 2002 Deadline for manuscript submission
May 2002 Distribution of manuscripts to reviewers 
Mar 2003 Deadline for final manuscript submission
May 2003 Submission to publishers
Sum/Fall 2003 Date of expected publication

Please send an email to J Kleypas if you are interested in submitting a manuscript for this special issue, along with a proposed title.  Authors should consult: Guidelines for Submission of Topical Studies in Oceanography Manuscripts and Instructions to Authors for details on submitting manuscripts.

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  1. A Leising  "Microzooplankton grazing functions for Pacific high-nitrate low-chlorophyll ecosystem models: a critical review of the feeding threshold assumption"  MANUSCRIPT IN
  2. S Signorini, et al.  "Modeling Biogeochemical-Physical Interactions and Carbon Flux in the Sargasso Sea (Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study site)"  MANUSCRIPT IN
  3. W Gregg  "Phytoplankton and Iron: Validation of a Global Three-Dimensional Ocean Biogeochemical Model"  MANUSCRIPT IN
  4. A Macdonald, R Wanninkhof, M Baringer, K Lee and D Wallace "Carbon Transport at 24.5N in the Atlantic"  MANUSCRIPT IN
  5. MS Dinniman, JM Klinck and WO Smith  "Modeling Ross Sea Circulation and Biogeochemistry. Part I: Circulation Dynamics"  MANUSCRIPT IN
  6. M Jiang, F Chai, RT Barber and RC Dugdale "A nitrate and silicate budget in the equatorial Pacific Ocean: A coupled biological-physical model study"  MANUSCRIPT IN
  7. AV Mishonov, WD Gardner, MJ Richardson "Assessment of the POC distribution in Atlantic: can we use the SeaWiFS data?" MANUSCRIPT IN
  8. T-H Peng, R Wanninkhof and RA Feely "Anthropogenic CO2 in the Pacific Ocean determined by the multiple-parameter linear regression method" MANUSCRIPT IN
  9. W Gentleman, A Leising, B Frost, S Strom, J Murray  "Ecosystem models with multiple nutritional resources: a critical review of the assumed biological dynamics. Part I: Zooplankton Intake" (and possible companion paper) MANUSCRIPT IN
  10. WD Gardner, AV Mishonov, MJ Richardson  "Global POC distribution assessed by synthesis of JGOFS, WOCE, & SAVE transmissometer data" MANUSCRIPT IN
  11. EE Hofmann and S Husrevoglu  "A circumpolar modeling study of habitat control of Antarctic krill (Euphasia superba) spawning" MANUSCRIPT IN
  12. W Smith, M Dinniman, J Klinck and E Hofmann.  "Biogeochemical Climatologies of the Ross Sea, Antarctica"
  14. RR Hood, KE Kohler, JP McCreary and SS Smith  "A 3-dimensional validation of a coupled physical-biological model of the Arabian Sea"
  16. R Armstrong "Beyond Moloney and Field: A continuous size-spectral plankton model with parameterized zooplankton"
  18. M-E Carr and E Kearns  "Production regimes in four eastern boundary current regions: a climatological and satellite comparison"
  20. E Kearns and M-E Carr "A hydrographic and nutrient climatology of four eastern boundary current regions"
  22. W Martin  on deep-sea sediment carbon modeling
  23. Pietrafesa, Xie, Jacobs, Weatherly and Flagg  "The Anatomy of Heat, Salt and Water Mass Fluxes in the Southern Apex of the Mid Atlantic Bight During the Passage of an Extra-Tropical Cyclone"
  24. Bohm, Pietrafesa, Hopkins, Xie  "The Role of the Gulf Stream in Effecting Along and Offshelf Transport in the Mid Atlantic Bight"
  25. Li, Pietrafesa, Xie  "High Energy Offshelf Mass Flux Events in the mid Atlantic Bight"
  26. W Koeve "Stoichiometry of the biological pump in the North Atlantic - constraints from climatological data"
  27. BG Mitchell  on Southern Ocean JGOFS results
  28. J Christian  (1 or 2 papers, no titles provided yet)
  29. NR Bates, AC Pequignet, CL Sabine  "Seasonal variability of CO2, air-sea CO2 gas exchange and new production in the Indian Ocean"
  30. MP Lizotte & G DiTullio "The Influence of Phytoplankton Community Composition on Nutrient Drawdown"
  31. B McNeil, R Key, L Gordon, A Jacobson, J Sarmiento "Subsurface remineralization ratios in the Indian ocean"
  32. T Anderson  on BATS modelling work