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Subject: International Conference on Mathematical Geophysics

Dear Colleagues,

The coming Conference on Mathematical Geophysics, will be held June
4-8, 2006 on the shores of the sea of Galilee, Israel, and will focus
on: *Coupling in Earth Systems: Solids, Fluids, Life.*

You are invited to submit an abstract for the session: Biosphere &
Geosphere Interactions (or to any other sessions that may interest

The geosphere and the biosphere are coupled via a complex weave of
feedback loops. This coupling spans a wide range of spatial and
temporal scales. To improve climate simulations we ultimately need to
incorporate this coupling into global-scale coupled climate models.
Better understanding of this coupling, working towards the goal of
better quantifying their impacts on past and projected climates, and
incorporating this coupling into global-scale coupled climate models,
require a combination of models, data analysis, and experiments.

We encourage contributions including theoretical and numerical
biological-physical models (from simple conceptual models up to full
coupled models), techniques for relevant parameters estimation, and
data analysis of concurrent geophysical and biological data sets.

More information about this conference can be found at:

*Abstracts can be submitted on-line on the conference web site. The
deadline for submission of abstract is March 24 2006.*

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