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Funding Opportunities

NSF has recently put out an Announcement of Opportunity for the Integrated Carbon Cycle Research Program. More information can be found at the NSF web site:

SMP FY 2002 Announcement of Opportunity (on NSF website) 
Proposals due August 16, 2001
NSF has posted this funding opportunity for the Synthesis and Modeling Project on the funding opportunities page.

NOPP Interagency announcement is out on an Integrated, Sustained Ocean Observing System: deadline 1 May 2001

NSF Biocomplexity 2001 NSF Program Announcement: Biocomplexity in the Environment (BE): Integrated Research and Education in Environmental Systems Genome-Enabled Environmental Science (GEN-EN) deadline: 29 March 2001 Coupled Biogeochemical Cycles (CBC) deadline: 29 March 2001 Instrumentation Development for Environmental Activities (IDEA) deadline: 16 March 2001

NASA Research Opportunity: Carbon Cycle Science and Related Opportunities in Biology and Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems and Applications Notices of Intent to Propose Due November 1, 2000; Proposals due January 4, 2001

SMP FY 2001 Announcement of Opportunity (on NSF website)  
June 2, 2000
NSF has posted this funding opportunity for the Synthesis and Modeling Project on the funding opportunities page.

NSF’s Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence (KDI) (on NSF website) 
The recent explosive growth in computer power and connectivity is reshaping relationships among people and organizations, and transforming the processes of discovery, learning, and communication. As a result of the technological advances we have unprecedented opportunities for providing rapid and efficient access to enormous amounts of knowledge and information; for studying vastly more complex systems than was hitherto possible; and for advancing in fundamental ways our understanding of learning and intelligent behavior in living and engineered systems. NSF’s Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence (KDI) theme is a Foundation-wide effort to promote the realization of these opportunities.
Research in the North Pacific Ocean (on U.S. GLOBEC website) 
Methods and Models for Integrated Assessments (on NSF website) 
An interdisciplinary program the intention of which is to “sponsor high quality, fundamental and methodological research that advances the development of methodologies and models that will integrate or couple component systems”.
Biocomplexity: Phase I (on NSF website) 
An announcement of opportunity exists to support integrated research on the functional interrelationships between microorganisms and biological, chemical, geological, physical and social systems.
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