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Subject: Call for Abstracts OS5 Open Session on the Marine Biogeochemical Cycles, EGU Vienna, April 2-7, 2006

Dear All,

You are kindly invited to submit an abstract for our "OS5 Open Session on the Marine Biogeochemical Cycles" to be held in the upcoming EGU General Assembly in Vienna, Austria, 02-07 April 2006

******* 13 January 2006 is the abstract deadline ******

For further information, visit the EGU Assembly site:

You can find the  OS5 announcement under 'Call-for-Paper Programme' and
'Ocean Sciences'. Direct link:

* OS5   Open Session on the Marine Biogeochemical Cycles *

Attempts to predict the future global environment depend on a
comprehensive understanding of how plankton biodiversity and
biogeochemical cycling in the oceans affects the climate system, and of
how changes in climate influence the structure and functional properties
of oceanic ecosystems. Intensive ecological and biogeochemical field
studies have been undertaken during the last two decades including
lagrangian process studies, eulerian time-series stations, meridional
transects and purposeful nutrient fertilizations. These field studies
have been interpreted with the aid of a hierarchy of mathematical models
which describe the contextual physical processes supplying the requisite
organic and inorganic nutrients and the ecosystem structure and
function. In addition, the observations through satellite ocean color
images provide a basis for observing temporal and spatial variability in
basin-scale biological activities. This session invites contributions
related to observations, experimental manipulations, predictive analyses
and modeling studies of the biological, chemical, physical and
geological processes involved in the marine biogeochemical cycles and
the interactions between them.

Dr Carol Robinson
Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Dr Baris Salihoglu LEGOS/CNRS

*Important deadlines:*
Deadline for Support Applications: 09 December 2005
Deadline for Receipt of Abstracts: 13 January 2006
Deadlines for Pre-Registration: 10 March 2006

Looking forward to meeting you in Vienna,

Carol Robinson and Baris Salihoglu

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