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Subject: Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

You are kindly invited to submit an abstract for our "OS06: Biogeochemical and Physical Variability of the Indo-Pacific Basin " to be held in the upcoming The Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting ( WPGM ) in Beijing , China , 24-27 July 2006.

OS 06 : Biogeochemical and Physical Variability of the Indo-Pacific Basin


The Pacific and Indian Ocean is known to undergo significant physical and biogeochemical changes that are associated with natural and anthropogenic variability. While there are two prominent modes of variability in the Pacific, the El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), the variability associated with the Indian Ocean Dipole/Zonal (IOZ) mode is also significant. All the modes have far-reaching influence on the earth's climate, and there has been some evidence of their significant impacts on ocean circulation, bio-geochemical processes, and carbon cycle. However, the mechanisms of th is variability about oceanic physical and biogeochemical processes are not well understood or documented. It is even more uncertain how these processes evolve under global warming conditions .

This session provides a forum for interdisciplinary discussions of the ENSO, PDO and IOZ impacts in the Indo-Pacific basin, including the tropics and extra-tropics, as well as the coastal and marginal regions. Topics include, but are not limited to (1) physical oceanographic variability and mechanisms of tele-connection between the two oceans, (2) bio-geochemical variability and ecosystem dynamics, and (3) carbon cycle. We encourage submission of contributions using observational and modeling approaches. Particular emphases will be placed on contributions that address the interaction of physical, biological and chemical processes. Discussions on possible changes in warming- and paleo-worlds are also welcome.

Session Conveners:

Murtugudde, Raghu , ESSIC/DAOS, University of Maryland ;

Watanabe, Yutaka W. , Hokkaido University ;

Wang, Xiujun, ESSIC, University of Maryland ;

Zhang, Dongxiao, JISAO/U. of Washington & NOAA/PMEL

******* 16 March 2006 is the abstract deadline ******

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