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Subject: Calibration Lab Engineer opening

The Shipboard Technical Support division of Scripps Institution of
Oceanography is actively recruiting someone to manage its Instrument
Calibration Laboratory. Following is a brief position description and web
link for further information and application.

Oversee the operation of the STS Calibration Laboratory. Design equipment
for a very high precision calibration laboratory. Design and fabricate
instrumentation for chemical analyses and sample acquisitions. Design and
produce software for general purpose data acquisition in a calibration
laboratory environment. Develop and maintain software for acquisition and
processing of oceanographic data, develop processing algorithms for new
instrumentation. Directly maintain the equipment and supplies. Perform
calibration of oceanographic and meteorological instrumentation to meet
requirements of users. Manage the digital calibration files. Perform
analyses of sea water samples for dissolved oxygen and precision salinity.
Assist in preparation for and participate on research cruises.
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