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Subject: DOE INCITE Competition for HPC Access

Here are some links to the announcement of this year's INCITE competition - an open DOE solicitation for proposals to use various DOE HPC resources for S&E research.  You may want to encourage members of your community with significant HPC needs to take a look at the solicitation.   This year the resources being made available are most of the Cray XT3 and X1 systems at Oak Ridge together with portions of the BG/L at Argonne, systems at NERSC (Berkeley) and an HP system at PNL.  ORNL's XT3 is currently a 54TF/s system and is due to be upgraded to 100TF/s by the end of the year, then 250TF/s in 2007.

The call for proposals is at: . In past years, the INCITE program has tended to make a small number of awards for large HPC allocations, trying to focus on problems that require leadership computing resources.  Examples of what was supported last year can be found at .

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