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Subject: Summer Fellowships for Undergrads

Hi all,

There is a new NSF REU site at UCI with a focus on Biogeochemistry and
Climate Change.  Several of the research projects available for this
summer are relevant to JGOFS including simulations of ocean ecosystems
and biogeochemistry, coral band isotopes and ENSO, nutrient transport to
the oceans by rivers, remote sensing studies, and a study of ocean
circulation.  Please let your talented undergraduates know about
The fellowships (8 total this summer) provide stipend plus room and
board for 8 weeks.
The program is for undergraduates completing their sophomore or junior
years, and applications from under-represented groups and schools with
limited opportunities for research experience are especially encouraged.
For more info see:

thanks for spreading the word,

Dr. J. Keith Moore
Assistant Professor
Earth System Science
University of California,Irvine
3214 Croul Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-3100

Phone: (949) 824-5391

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