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Subject: Utrecht Summer school  Physics of the Climate system

Dear Colleague,

we would like to bring to your attention the Utrecht Summer school  Physics of the Climate system (USPC) that will be organized this  summer, August 15-25, 2006, at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.  Our list has been checked for duplicate entries; our apologies if  nevertheless you receive this message multiple times.

In contrast with many summer schools in this field which are intended  for PhD-students, our courses will be targeted at advanced  undergraduate or beginning graduate students. So would you please  pass this on to your students who could benefit from an inspiring  stay in Utrecht and courses on the fundamentals of Climate research.  More information can be found on " summerschools/uspc/" and the attached flyer.

Note that a number of scholarschips is available. Because this is the  first year this summer school is organized, we expect that the number  of applications will be moderate, so chances for obtaining a  scholarschip are high.

With kind regards,

     Dr. Guido Terra
     also on behalf of Prof. dr. J. Oerlemans, course leader

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