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Subject: ASLO 2007 Carbon session

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to the special session on coastal carbon cycling (see below for description) for the ASLO 2007 Aquatic Sciences Meeting ( ) to be held on February 4-9, 2007 at Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Antonio Mannino

SS07Carbon Cycling at the Land-Ocean Interface

Organizers: Marjorie Friedrichs, Old Dominion University, , and Dale Haidvogel, Rutgers University, , Antonio Mannino, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, ,

There is growing recognition that organic carbon production and transformations in estuarine and continental shelf systems are major components of the global ocean carbon cycle. Results from multidisciplinary observational and modeling programs are providing new insight into the many factors that control carbon exchange with terrestrial and open ocean systems, carbon processing in estuarine systems and on continental shelves, and feedbacks to biogeochemical processes in estuarine and continental shelf systems. These studies highlight the coupling of physical and biological phenomena over a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. This special session is intended to provide a framework for synthesis and exchange of information on carbon cycling within the land-ocean interface. We especially encourage papers that consider aspects of carbon transformation and processing that highlight: 1) linkages between physical and biological phenomena; 2) effects of climate variability on estuarine and continental shelf ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles; 3) applications of remotely-sensed data to understanding carbon cycling and budgets; and 4) observations and modeling studies, including data assimilative and hydrological modeling.

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