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Subject: From Watson Gregg re: AGU Fall Mtg. Session on Ocean Phytoplankton from Sea, Space and Computers

We would like to draw your attention to a special session at the 2006 AGU Fall Meeting (December 11-15, 2006) in San Francisco:


being convened by Watson Gregg (GSFC/NASA, USA) and Cyril Moulin (LSCE/IPSL, France). We do look forward to receiving your Abstracts and having an
exciting session with your participation.

Ocean phytoplankton are important contributors to ecology, carbon cycling, fisheries, and biodiversity.  In particular, evaluation of Phytoplankton Functional Types (PFT) is an emerging field in biological oceanography. New algorithms are being developed to detect some PFT from space.  In parallel, biogeochemical modelers are increasingly incorporating PFT for more realistic simulations.  Both modeling and algorithm developments require in situ data observations for evaluation.  Methods for discrimination in situ phytoplankton groups are also varied in the scientific literature. This session solicits research emphasizing phytoplankton identification, characterization, simulation, and data analysis.  We would like to bring together scientists working on various aspects of ocean phytoplankton to promote advances in this emerging field.

The deadline for electronic abstract submission is September 7, 2006. Full submission guidelines can be found on the AGU Web site on the 2006 Fall Meeting page,

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