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Subject: Cruise Opportunity

Dear Colleagues,

There are two upcoming CTD/hydro/carbon/tracer/ADCP cruise legs for the U.S. Global Ocean Carbon and Repeat Hydrography Program which include support for graduate students to participate at sea:

A two leg cruise from Tahiti to Hawaii then Hawaii to Kodiak , AK (a repeat of WOCE 

Hydrographic Program section P16N) is scheduled on R/V Thompson in early spring 2006.  The schedule is still being refined, but the current estimated dates are:


  • load Papeete , Tahiti , 11-13 February
  • depart Papeete 14 February
  • (Chris Sabine, Chief Scientist)
  • 27 UNOLS days at sea
  • arrive Honolulu 12 March
  • depart Honolulu 20 March
  • (Dick Feely, Chief Scientist)
  • 30 UNOLS days at sea
  • arrive Kodiak 18 April
  • unload Kodiak 19-20 April

More information about the cruises and the overall scientific program may be found at:

Additional information about these two P16N legs can be found at:

On each of the P16N cruise legs there are fully funded opportunities for two graduate students, who will work with the scientists to carry out the CTD casts, assist with documentation and water sampling, and examine the data.  Although scientists and students may take part in both legs if they choose, it is our intent that there be a science team rotation in Honolulu .

These are excellent opportunities to work at sea, and to really get to know the oceanography of the Pacific.  The positions are open to scientists and registered graduate students at US institutions. Graduate students must have approval from their graduate advisors for participation.  If there are multiple qualified applicants, final selection is made by the U.S. CLIVAR/CO 2 Repeat Hydrography Oversight Committee, in consultation with the Chief Scientists.

Fiscal support is provided through an NSF grant to UCSD/SIO. Graduate student support includes at sea research assistant salary, tuition remission for the time spent at sea, plus travel.  Graduate student participants who carry out a small additional at-sea research project in addition to their other duties (e.g., a comparison of WOCE-era versus new data), and who work up a poster on this project for presentation at a scientific meeting, may be able to receive partial support for meeting attendance.  This must be negotiated with Jim Swift.

Informal email letters of application may be sent to the Chief Scientists and Jim Swift: , , and

Note that the first cruise leg approaches soon.  Your suggestions for graduate students will be greatly appreciated if received within the next two weeks.


Chris Sabine, Richard Feely, and Jim Swift


Christopher L. Sabine
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle , WA 98115
phone: (206) 526-4809
fax: (206) 526-6744


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