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Subject: Gas tracer special session at Fall AGU

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to a special session at the 2006 AGU Fall Meeting (December 11-15, 2006) in San Francisco on the use of gases as tracers in oceanography. We hope you will consider participating in this special session, and please forward this announcement to your graduate students, postdocs, and other colleagues as appropriate.

The deadline for electronic abstract submission is September 7, 2006. Full submission guidelines can be found on the AGU Web site on the 2006 Fall Meeting page, .

We hope to see you in San Francisco.

OS02 Gases as Tracers of Oceanic Processes
This session seeks to bring together the gas tracer community to exchange knowledge regarding analytical methods, observations, applications, and modeling of gases related to understanding oceanic physical and biogeochemical processes.  We welcome abstracts on a variety of topics including distributions of natural and anthropogenic gases (including isotopes) in the ocean, atmospheric measurements as they relate to ocean processes, tracer release experiments, and process studies of air-sea transfer mechanisms.  Presentations on observations, method development, modeling, and data synthesis and interpretation are encouraged.

Roberta Hamme, University of Victoria,
David Ho, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University,

Roberta Hamme       
University of Victoria                     250-472-4014

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