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Hi Mary,

As discussed earlier this morning - please find attached the flier (same as the one that I have put on the notice board) giving details of the workshops that we plan to hold in Plymouth next year.  There will be travel and subsistence costs covered for up to 25 national and international scientists per workshop.  We would especially welcome participation from US scientists particularly those interested in ocean acidification.

Thanks again,

Tim Smyth


Plymouth Marine Laboratory
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Following on from the success of the 2005 AMEMR symposium, the UK Natural Environment Research Council has provided funding for a series of modelling workshops, covering travel and subsistence costs for up to 25 national and international scientists per workshop.

The purpose of these workshops will be to:-

•  Review the status of current models and modelling systems with respect to current knowledge.

•  Assess the availability datasets from for model testing and development.

•  Consider emerging scientific issues and relevant policy drivers.

•  Identify gaps in current model capability.

•  Produce recommendations for future modelling (and observational) activities designed to address the identified gaps in understanding and capacity. These will be fed to the relevant UK and International program offices with a view to influencing the scope of funding programs.

•  Identify synergies between research groups that may form the basis of subsequent funding bids.

Each Workshop will be devoted to one of the following topics

•  The response of marine ecosystems to increasing levels of CO 2 , including acidification and warming. (Feb 07, contact Jerry Blackford, to register your interest. )

•  Model validation, analysis and quantification of error. (Feb 07, contact Icarus Allen , )

•  Bridging the gap between lower and higher trophic levels.

•  DMS production in the upper ocean.

•  Operational biophysical oceanography

The ~3 day workshops are to be held in Plymouth , UK , during 2007. We aim to bring together modellers and experimentalists, established and younger researchers / students. We will welcome suggestions for program items and intend the workshops to be informal. If appropriate we can consider writing an overview paper for submission to a peer reviewed journal.

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