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Subject: ASLO 2007 Meeting

Dear Colleague,
Please consider submitting an abstract to the following special session planned for the 2007 ASLO meeting in Santa Fe. Abstract deadline is October 3 . We are looking for presentations on any aspect of vertical particle flux in lakes or oceans. Though it says "carbon, nitrogen, or phosphorus" in the title, research on fluxes of any element (e.g. silica) is of interest.  Stu Wakeham (SKIO) has agreed to be our tutorial speaker for the session and Adrian Burd (UGa) will be giving the invited talk.  Following the theme of this year's ASLO Meeting, we are looking for novel, and (dare we say?) provocative presentations that think "outside of the box".

Claudia and Tammi

Conundrums and Controversies: What contributes to the vertical flux of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in aquatic ecosystems?

Relationships between primary production, nutrient uptake, particle formation and export are among the most studied, yet enigmatic problems in oceanography and limnology. This is due to the wide variety of transformations that underlie these processes, all of which must be characterized for a complete understanding of global carbon and nutrient cycles, food webs and trophic relationships, and related anthropogenic impacts. Following the theme of the Santa Fe ASLO meeting, this session will seek to challenge our current understanding of the factors that enhance and control carbon and nutrient fluxes in aquatic ecosystems. We encourage submissions that examine biological, chemical, physical, or geological processes that influence carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus fluxes on any scale. Topics of particular interest are food web process studies, modeling, particle formation, sinking, and remineralization, and dissolved organic matter cycling.


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