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Subject: From Jeffrey Hare: [] SOLAS and VOCALS

Dear SOLAS Network,

SOLAS has been invited to participate in the VOCALS field study off the western South America coast, now scheduled for Oct-Nov 2008 (note the new date).

At this time, there are plans to coordinate measurements from two ships.  One of these vessels has the potential to hold a number of SOLAS researchers.

Anyone thinking of participation in this experiment should immediately read the message from Bob Weller below.


VOCALS is an international field experiment designed to better understand physical and chemical processes central to the climate system of the Southeast Pacific (SEP) region. The climate of the SEP region is a tightly coupled system involving poorly understood interactions between the ocean, the atmosphere, and the land. VOCALS-REx will focus on interactions between clouds, aerosols, marine boundary layer (MBL) processes, upper ocean dynamics and thermodynamics, coastal currents and upwelling, large-scale subsidence, and regional diurnal circulations, to the west of the Andes mountain range. The field experiment is ultimately driven by a need for improved model simulations of the coupled climate system in both the SEP and over the wider tropics and subtropics.

Multi-disciplinary intensive observational datasets will be obtained during VOCALS-REx from several platforms including aircraft, research vessels, and a surface land site. These datasets will be used to test a coordinated set of hypotheses that are organized into two broad themes: (1) improved understanding of aerosol-cloud-drizzle interactions in the marine boundary layer (MBL) and the physicochemical and spatiotemporal properties of aerosols; (2) improved understanding of the chemical and physical couplings between the upper ocean, the land, and the atmosphere.


Planning and proposing is moving forward for the VOCALS process study, planned for off Chile in Oct-Nov 2008
We now have a pressing deadline of Sept 1.

A potential facilities scheduling conflict has led to the agencies asking for rather immediate input and assembly of a science overview, summary of science to be proposed, and budget summary.  This is so that the merit of VOCALS can soon be judged and decisions made about facilities.

So these are the tasks at hand:

1)  Will you propose to do work (modelling, field, other) under VOCALS?  If so, email , , and .  Roberto Mechoso is Chair of the VOCALS SWG; Rob Wood is organizing the response to the agencies due Sept 1; Bob Weller is coordinating the ocean part of VOCALS.  Please email asap, before Aug 21.  If we do not hear, we will assume you will not propose work under VOCALS.

2)  If you are planning to propose, identify which agency in your email.  Of particular interest is whether or not there are ocean modelling proposals planned for NSF OCE as there is an effort to coordinate all modeling effort.

3)  If you are going to propose, please email 1-2 pages outlining what you will propose and a summary of the budget you will propose. The field work is Oct-Nov 2008, so include preliminary work as needed and post-field analysis/pub as needed.   Text and summary budget should be to Mechoso, Weller, Wood no later than August 25.

What will happen?   Rob Wood is assembling everything, including a Science Overview Plan, the budget info merged into a overall VOCALS cost spreadsheet, and the short science summaries included.  He will be submitting this Sept 1.  Weller plans on Aug 28 to revise the ocean section of the overview plan based on your inputs.

NSF and NOAA are cooperating on proposal reviews.  As I understand it, follow ups to these short science descriptions and budgets should be done either as a full proposal to NOAA for VOCALS ocean work in response to the CPPA call next calendar year  or to NSF OCE for the Feb 15 2007 deadline.

For those seeking funds from other countries, it is still important that we assemble complete information about the oceans programs, both offshore and coastal, so that the VOCALS overview document is complete and supportive of a successful review of the program at all funding and decision stages.

Similarly, if there are SOLAS proposals planned that cover coordinated, co-located work, there is great value in now including these plans in the overview document.

Your help and timely response is appreciated.

                      Bob Weller

Dr. Jeff Hare
Executive Officer
SOLAS International Project Office
School of Environmental Sciences
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR47TJ
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1603 59 3516

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