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Data Management

Detailed Information About the JGOFS Distributed Database Management System (DDMS)

User Applications

There are many different ways of using the JGOFS data system:
  1. Browsers: World-Wide Web browser clients can be used to list and (for those which support imaging) plot data.
  2. To list data, one can use a user interface to construct calls to the data system, acquire the data, and do certain operations on it. The user interface is not a core part of the system, but is built using the programming interface; and supports both command line and web browser client interfaces.
  3. Data can be imported into commercial packages, in some cases quite directly. Thus we have a MATLAB function, loadjg, which can read data directly into matrices from the data system (including all the data manipulation operations). See here.
  4. We provide a simple set of subroutine calls by which C and Fortran programs can read data.



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