AESOPS APFZ - Survey I Reports 10/20/97 - 11/24/97

Antarctic Environment and Southern Ocean Process Study


A message sent on 21-Nov-1997 from Bob Anderson, co-coodinator of AESOPS, to the crew and chief scientist of Survey I:

Congratulations on your successful completion of the first JGOFS/AESOPS cruise aboard the R/V Revelle studying the Antarctic Polar Frontal region. Despite rough weather conditions at the beginning of the cruise, and assorted difficulties with equipment throughout its duration, it sounds like you have "captured" the onset of the Spring Bloom at the APF. I am eagerly looking forward to an unprecedented analysis and new understanding of the conditions leading to the initiation of the bloom. Thanks to the combined efforts of all aboard the ship, JGOFS will have the data with which to examine various hypotheses involving light limitation, grazing, and micronutrients. Please convey my congratulations, thanks, and best wishes to all aboard.
Bob Anderson

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