PI:              Kenneth Coale
of:              Moss Landing Marine Laboratory (MLML)
dataset:         Fe enrichment, DOC and TOC incubation experiments
                 Pico and Nanoplankton biomass incubation experiments

project/cruise:  US JGOFS Antarctic Environments Southern Ocean Process Study (AESOPS)

                 Ross Sea Process 2 cruise aboard R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer cruise 97-1
                 Antarctic Polar Front Zone (APFZ) Survey 1 and 2 cruises
                    aboard R/V Roger Revelle cruises 6 (Survey 1) and 8 (Survey 2) 


This data is available only as a downloadable excel format file. The excel file, briefly described in the table below, contains enrichment and incubation experiment data from the Southern Ocean. The rest of the Southern Ocean data is in the main US JGOFS database.

Excel row Description
row 1 Experiment #
row 2 position and station discription
row 3 cast time and depth of initial enrichment water collection
Excel column Description
column A date
column B time
column C day # of experiment
column D treatment (control 1, 2, amount of Iron anticipated adding)

Excel column Symbol units Description
column E Chl-a mg/L Chlorophyll
column F NO3 uM Nitrate
column G PO4 uM Phosphate
column H SiOH4 uM Silica
column I NO2 uM Nitrite
column J NH4 uM Ammonia
column K PON uM Partiulate organic nitrogen
column L POC uM Partiulate organic carbon
column M TOC uM Total organic carbon
column N DOC uM dissolved organic carbon
column O FeInit. nM dissolved iron concentration at the beginning of the experiment
column P Zn init. nM dissolved zinc concentration at the beginning of the experiment
column Q CPP uM carbon in the phytoplankton
column R CHet. uM carbon in the heteroplankton (zooplankton generally less than ~40 , heteroflagellates, cryptophytes, hetero-dinoflagellates
column S CP-Tot. uM carbon in the plankton (heteroplankton and phytoplankton combined)
column T RFP uM Carbon carbon in the red fluorescing picoplankton (cells smaller than 3)
column U Prymn uM Carbon carbon in the prymnesiophytes
column V Dino uM Carbon carbon in the autotrophic Dinoflagelates
column W Diatom uM Carbon carbon in the Diatoms
column X Cen uM Carbon portion of carbon in the centric diatoms\ these combined equal the total diatom carbon
column Y Pen uM Carbon portion of carbon in the pennate diatoms'/