Poster Session III, Region 2: Southern Ocean chaired by Paul Tréguer


Giulio Catalano, A global budget of carbon and nitrogen in the Ross Sea (Southern Ocean)


Luca Fiorani, Remote sensing by laser and satellite for the biogeochemical characterization of the Southern Ocean during Austral summer


Ivo Grigorov, Sediment traps, sediment cores and a million years record of climate change


Karen E. Kohfeld, Glacial-interglacial changes in export production of the Southern Ocean


L. Langone, Vertical budgets of organic carbon and biogenic silica in the western Ross Sea, Antarctica


K. Leblanc, Dynamics of the siliceous components in the frontal zone of the ACC (Antarctic Circumpolar Current) – Bottom-up control and Si/C decoupling processes


Jérôme Llido, Seasonal and interannual variability of phytoplankton in the Agulhas Retroflection Current System from a coupled physical and biological model


Olga Mangoni, The role of sympagic microalgae in seeding phytoplankton blooms in Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica)


Nicolas Metzl, Natural variabilities and anthropogenic CO2 in the South Indian Ocean (20°S-60°S)


Mathieu Mongin, Simulation of the upper-ocean biochemistry in the Southern Ocean with a flexible composition phytoplankton model: Balance between iron limitation and grazing pressure


Eugene Murphy, ICCED: Integrated analyses of Circumpolar Climate interactions and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Southern Ocean - a Southern Ocean initiative for the OCEANS programme


Jacques L. Oliver, The heterotrophic bacterial response to iron enrichment during the Southern Ocean Iron Experiment (SOFeX)


Antonio Palucci, New estimates of primary production in the Ross Sea derived from in situ, lidar and satellite data


Cynthia H. Pilskaln, Zonal variability in carbon export and mesopelagic remineralization in the Southern Indian Ocean sector: Synthesis and global implications


Raymond T. Pollard, Nutrients in the Southern Ocean


Bernard Quéguiner, What did we learn about the limitation of the first trophic level during S.O. JGOFS? New concepts of phytoplankton limitation and their relation to particulate matter properties


Vincenzo Saggiomo, Primary production processes in the Ross Sea (Antarctica): limiting factors and system carrying capacity


R. Sambrotto, The role of surface ocean biological flux in the regulation of atmospheric CO2: Have we made an honest woman of her? Biological export traps silica and phosphorus in waters around Antarctica 


Reiner Schlitzer, How productive is the Southern Ocean? Results from inverse modeling compared with satellite based estimates


R. Sempéré, Bacterial cycling of dissolved and particulate organic carbon in the Indian Sector of Southern Ocean: Results of the Antares Program


Walker O. Smith, Jr., Interannual variations in biogeochemical variables in the southern Ross Sea


Paul Tréguer, Southern Ocean-JGOFS:  a step forward (I)


Paul Tréguer, Southern Ocean-JGOFS:  a step forward (II)