Poster Session II, Theme 1: Plankton Community Structure chaired by Renato A. Quiñones


Kenneth Coale, Iron limitation of ocean production, macronutrient cycling and climate change


Robert M. Daniels, Reconstruction of plankton food web structure from the North Atlantic Bloom Experiment (May, 1989) and the West Antarctic Peninsula (Jan., 1996 and Jan., 1999) using an inverse method


Mangesh Gauns, Microzooplankton distribution and its role in the food web of the Arabian Sea


Shyam M. Gupta, Fluxes of monsoon sensitive radiolarian species in the Bay of Bengal during 1991-93


Mutaz A. Kutub (Al-Qutob), Nutrient distribution and phytoplankton productivity in the oligotrophic Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea


R.M. Letelier, The role of micro-phytoplankton in bio-elemental cycling in stratified oligotrophic waters of the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre


Patrick Mayzaud, Carbon recycling by zooplankton in the Southern Ocean: Can we ignore it?


Temel Oguz, Climate-induced decadal warming and accompanying changes in the ecological regime of the Black Sea


Renato A. Quiñones, Respiration and biomass by size in a highly productive upwelling system off Central-south Chile


Tammi L. Richardson, Planktonic food webs of the eastern equatorial Pacific: a synthesis of EqPac time-series carbon flux data


Mikhail V. Zubkov, High uptake of organic nitrogen compounds by Prochlorococcus cyanobacteria as a key to their dominance in oligotrophic oceanic waters