Poster Session II, Region 1: Ocean Margins chaired by Huasheng Hong


Chung-Chi Chen, Planktonic community respiration in the East China Sea

Jianfang Chen, Responses of particle fluxes and sediment records to upper layer nutrients distribution: A case study from the South China Sea

Shang Chen, Carbon flux into marine pelagic food web in Yangtze River Estuary:  Mesocosm experiments                                                                                                                                X

Minhan Dai, High partial pressure of CO2 and its maintaining mechanism in a large subtropical estuary - the Pearl River estuary, China   

Ivo Amah Fon, The impacts of sea-level rise on the coastal aquatic ecosystems and fisheries of Cameroon                                                                                                                   

Monowar Hossain, Pollution and sediment flux in coastal water of Bangladesh


Sen Jan, Seasonal variation of volume transport in the major inflow region of the Taiwan Strait: The Penghu Channel    

Shen, Huan-ting, Fluxes of the dissolved inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus through the key interfaces in the Changjiang estuary


Jae-Yeon Kim, The response of deep interior of the East/Japan Sea to recent climate forcing


Bastiaan Knoppers, The ocean margin of Brazil, Southwest Atlantic: Origin, Transport and fate of biogenic matter


Veronica Lance, Quantum yield of photosynthesis in relation to iron in the California coastal upwelling system


Hung-Jen Lee, A climatological description of circulation in and around the East China Sea


Benjamin M. Mwashote, Quantitative aspects of inorganic nutrient fluxes in the Gazi Bay (Kenya): implications for coastal ecosystems      

Edward MulaamaZooplankton community structure: A case study of the East African coastal waters                                                                              

Hema Naik, Benthic nitrogen cycling in the eastern Arabian Sea


S.Shanmuganandan, The temporal and spatial variability of atmospheric transport and deposition of fixed nitrogen to marine systems: A study with reference to Indian Ocean littoral