Poster Session I, Theme 2: Ocean Color chaired by Mary-Elena Carr


J. Boutin, Air-sea CO2 fluxes in the Southern Ocean inferred from satellite data 


Mary-Elena Carr, Remote sensing tools to study ocean biogeochemistry: the state of the art during the JGOFS era


Hervé Claustre, Combining satellite ocean color and the analysis of a HPLC pigment data base to infer phytoplankton (functional groups) distribution at the global scale


Yves Dandonneau, Sea surface ecosystem and oceanic Rossby waves in the South Pacific


Mark D. Dowell, Dynamic Ocean Provinces: A biogeochemical and physiological template of the global ocean


Joaquim I. Goes, The rise and fall of El Niño’s and their impact on carbon sequestration in the North Pacific Ocean


Eileen E. Hofmann, Comparison of model-derived phytoplankton distributions with SeaWiFS data at two sites in the equatorial Pacific Ocean


Maureen A. Kennelly, Seasonal and ENSO variability in global ocean phytoplankton chlorophyll


Rebecca Korb, SeaWIFS in the Southern Ocean: spatial and temporal variability in phytoplankton biomass around South Georgia


John Marra, Primary productivity in the JGOFS era


Alexey Mishonov, Global POC distribution in the upper ocean derived from JGOFS, WOCE and SeaWiFS data


D.A. Siegel, Distribution, dynamics and biogeochemical implications of colored dissolved organic materials in the open ocean: discoveries made during the JGOFS era


Rafel Simó, Global ocean emission of dimethylsulfide predicted from biogeophysical data


Seung-Hyun Son, Decadal and inter-annual variations in the Yellow and East China Seas revealed by Satellite Ocean Color Data (1979 – 2002)


Daniela Turk, Biological production and f-ratio in the equatorial Pacific