Poster Session I, Region 3: North Pacific chaired by Toshiro Saino


Andrew Dickson, Future coordination of carbon cycle activities: the role of PICES Working Group 17 for the North Pacific Ocean


Steven Emerson, In situ diurnal oxygen measurements: a method for determining net primary production


R.A. Feely, PICES Working Group 13 on CO2 in the North Pacific


Masahiko Fujii, Simulated seasonal and interannual variations in physical and biogeochemical processes at the subarctic North Pacific time-series station KNOT (44N, 155E)


Makio C. Honda, Biological pump in the northwestern North Pacific


M.-S. Jiang, Modeling decadal variability of carbon cycle in the Pacific Ocean


Ivan Lima, Thermocline ventilation and apparent oxygen utilization in the North Pacific: a numerical modeling investigation


Yian Lin, Nutrient elements flux and biogeochemistry variation of the Changjiang Estuary and its influence on the ecosystem of the East China Sea waters


William L. Miller, Canadian SOLAS: Two basins one challenge


Gian-Kasper Plattner, Dynamics of CO2 air-sea gas exchange along the U.S. West Coast


Christopher L. Sabine, Temporal evolution of the North Pacific carbon cycle


S. Lan Smith, Modeling coupled biogeochemistry and ecosystem dynamics at four stations in the North Pacific: recent results from the FRSGC-HU Group


Yvette H. Spitz, Before and after 1996 in the North Pacific basin