Poster Session I, Region 1: North Atlantic chaired by Véronique Garçon

Marie Drevillon, Primary and export production in the North Atlantic with a 3D coupled physical/biogeochemical model during the SeaWiFS years


Hugh Ducklow and the North Atlantic Synthesis Group, Time series and process study sites in the North Atlantic during the JGOFS decade


Mike Fasham, Large scale biogeochemical diagnostics: the North Atlantic carbon machinery


Véronique Garçon and the North Atlantic Synthesis Group, Modelling and data assimilation in the North Atlantic: Towards GODAE


W. Koeve, The carbon to nitrogen ratio of net community production in the North Atlantic Ocean - a synthesis

Richard Lampitt, Temporal changes at the NABE site (PAP) since 1989

Hubert Loisel, Biogeochemical variability in the northeast Atlantic as seen from ocean color observations, and comparison with other regions of the Northern Atlantic


D.J. McGillicuddy, Eddy-driven sources and sinks of nutrients in the upper ocean: results from a 0.1 degree resolution model of the North Atlantic


Laurent Mémery, The POMME programme: meso scale impact on biological activity in the NE Atlantic


L. Merlivat, Spatial and temporal variability of the distribution of pCO2 and dissolved inorganic carbon at the sea surface measured by CARIOCA drifters in the North East Atlantic Ocean during the POMME project


Carol Robinson, The Atlantic Meridional Transect Programme


M.J. Rueda, Chlorophyll "a" and gelbstoff fluorescence for oceanic waters in the eastern Central Atlantic