Poster Session III, Theme 1: Mesopelagic chaired by Richard Lampitt


James K.B. Bishop, Robotic assessment of natural and purposeful iron fertilization of the ocean: Asian dust and SOFeX


Alexandria B. Boehm, A steady-state model of particulate organic carbon flux below the mixed layer and application to the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study


L. Bopp, Mechanistic representation of particles dynamic in a biogeochemical model of the global ocean


Adrian B. Burd, Modeling the effects of vertical migration on mesopelagic food webs and particle flux


Gerhard Fischer, Transfer of particles into the deep Atlantic and the global ocean: importance of nutrient supply and ballast production


Rodrigo R. González, Catabolic carbon demand of microplankton communities inhabiting the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) of the Humboldt Current System (HCS)


Richard Lampitt, The forgotten mesopelagic – a synthesis of our understanding at the end of JGOFS


Laurence P. Madin, Salp blooms in the Mid Atlantic Bight: the FedEx of flux?


Richard B. Rivkin, Biogenic carbon cycling and remineralization in the mesopelagic


Astrid Schnetzer, The impact of diel vertical migration on surface export of particulate organic matter and cycling of energy in the mesopelagic zone