Poster Session III, Theme 3: Global Synthesis/Ecosystem Modeling chaired by Scott Doney


Rosa M. Barciela, Embedding an ecosystem model (HadOCC) in a global Forecasting Ocean Assimilation Model (FOAM)


P.W. Boyd, Modelling regional responses by marine pelagic ecosystems to global climate change


Michael S. Dinniman, Cross shelf exchange in the Ross Sea and west Antarctic Peninsula from models of the circulation and biogeochemistry


Scott C. Doney, The role of iron and community structure in a global ocean ecosystem and carbon cycle model


Stephanie Dutkiewicz, A model of the ocean iron cycle and its influence on biological production


Marjorie A.M. Friedrichs, The Regional Ecosystem Modeling Testbed Project


C.E. Gabche, Water, salt and nutrients budgets of two estuaries in the coastal zone of Cameroon


Watson W. Gregg, Phytoplankton group distributions simulated in a global three-dimensional ocean biogeochemical model


John C.P. Hemmings, Parameterizing the microbial loop: an alternative to a size-structured model


Sus Honjo, Global export flux and regional functionality of biological pump; A synthesis of JGOFS sediment trap programs since 1982


IRONAGES Team, Iron resources and oceanic nutrients - advancement of global environment simulations


Hae-Cheol Kim, Estimation of primary production and carbon flux in Antarctic Coastal Waters: A modeling study


John M. Klinck, Biogeochemical climatologies for the Ross Sea, Antarctica: Temporal patterns of primary production


Chandan Mahanta, Contrasting sediment flux to the Northern Indian Ocean from the Indus and the Brahmaputra-Ganges system: A future C-N-P Biogeochemistry perspective with reference to JGOFS and BOBPS


Adrian P. Martin, Impact of mesoscale and sub-mesoscale physics on phytoplankton distribution and production


Ben I. McNeil, On the use of global optimization schemes for water-mass analysis and remineralization ratios


R.G. Najjar, Export production simulated by the OCMIP-2 models


Samuel Oni, Strategic management of coastal disasters: human dimensions E.E. Popova, JGOFS time series: How well do global models reproduce them?


Ekaterina Popova, JGOFS time series: How well do global models reproduce them?

Barbara Prezelin, Recognizing shelf break forcing of phytoplankton community structure in continental shelf waters of the western Antarctic Peninsula


Baris Salihoglu, A one-dimensional model of lower trophic level interactions in the equatorial Pacific